Monday, August 10, 2009

You are jar-ed...

Hi All,

Some Java crap post after ages......

This post explains how to run a jar application in your Linux Distro.

1. Download the latest Java Development Kit along with JRE through the Sun Site.
2. If you want an open-source java kit, go to
3. Installation is pretty simple. Use "chmod u+x filename" thro a konsole and run "./filename"
4. For an easier way, give proper repositories to your synaptic in Debian or Ubuntu and leave the rest to Synaptic by selecting the required JDK in the search bar.
5. Or use "update-java-alternatives -s 'your_synaptic_filename'" as root. Dont forget to update your Sources in Synaptic before giving this command.
6. Use export JAVA_HOME="your_jdk_path"
7. Also edit /etc/jvm to your jvm path.
8. Finally check for your java installation by "java -version" command and the output should be your JDK details.

PS: If you want a permanent fix to your Java path [see step 6 above] problems - please use the bashrc profile file or the /etc/profile file

Installing any Jar-ed app:

1. Use this command "java -jar 'filename.jar'"

Thats it....

Hope you all agree that I know some Java too.... :)

Ananth Gouri

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