Sunday, October 31, 2010

Facebook chat

Hey All,

This post explains how to install Facebook chat plugin for pidgin.

Follow this:

1. Open synaptic through the administration menu in your Ubuntu / Lenny.
2. Search for pidgin-facebookchat
3. Install it.

Now you can login to your Facebook chat after entering its credentials.

Tc and have a great day,
Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Changing the Timeout in Grub 2

Hi All,

This post explains how to change the timeout from the default 10 seconds in Grub2 to some higher value.

Follow these steps:

1. sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
Find the Timeout field which is set to 10 and change it to some higher value like 500.

2. Save the file and run sudo update-grub

3. Finally reload the grub by the command sudo grub-install /dev/sda

Thats it...

Have a great day and tc,
Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gmail and Thunderbird / Icedove

Hi All,

This post explains how to get your gmail mails to your local thunderbird or the Debian's Icedove in Ubuntu Ultimate Ed 2.7

First login to your gmail account and enable IMAP settings for your a/c. Save your settings.

From here on it is pretty simple as opening Thunderbird and entering info for some basic questions.

Enter the following:
1. Your Gmail Username
2. Your Gmail Userid
3. Your Gmail password.

Thunderbird will detect most of the settings automatically and thats it. Enjoy....

Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

Frostwire is a fully free Limewire Pro alternative software available for Windows, Mac and LINUX.

Check out the download link in and installation is using the dpkg -i command.

Solve any of the dependencies you may get.

Thats it,
Ananth S Gouri

300+ 9k+

Hi All,

I dont know how many of you have observed. My blog has crossed 300+ posts and above 9k hits.

I never expected that I would be crossing these 2 huge figures. Thanks to LINUX and of course to Debian.

Long live both of them and as well my blog.

Tc All,
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, October 15, 2010

Installing Google Earth on Ubuntu Ultimate Ed 2.7

Hi All,

This post explains how to install Google Earth on Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.7 version.

Download Google Earth from this link:

Follow these steps to install :

1. chmod +x filename.bin
2. ./filename.bin

Then you can access Google earth from Internet.

Thanks to linuxpoison for this blog post. 

Thats it,
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lenovo hardware

Hi All,

I could get almost all the hardware working fine for my Lenovo on my Lenny.

It was just an update of the latest Gnome and also an update of the latest alsa-base for sound.

One last thing that is partially working is the touchpad which does not work for a tap.

But this is not a big show stopper.

So no need to fret.

Take care all,
Ananth S Gouri

Broadcom WiFi

Hi All,

Hope many of you know that Broadcom company let open its code for its linux wireless drivers.

The installation of Broadcom drivers in Ubuntu 10.04 or the recently available 10.10 is not at all difficult. But its not the same in Lenny.

All of you folks please follow this link and the rest of it is just going thro the site step by step:

But make sure that you have a working internet connection.

Take care all,
Ananth S Gouri

Lenny on Lenovo

Hi All,

After nearly one month on Ubuntu and its derivatives, I could install Debian Lenny on my new laptop Lenovo z460.


My SATA CD ROM / DVD ROM was not detected and I used to get the error : No common CD ROM drives available.

This was like a huge problem and I could not install Debian through any of these CD/DVD sources.

Finally after googling for about 3 to 4 hours - I could figure out and get out of the problem.


In the bios settings for SATA - my computer assembler had set the settings to "compatible".

I just changed this from compatible to AHCI. Thats it.

But now the new thing is,  I cant boot Windows 7  or XP. But for me getting Lenny working was a bigger priority and I would not bother much for my Gates breakage.

Thanks & Take care,
Ananth S Gouri