Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Secure FTP in Linux

Hi All,

After posting a list of 4 posts on "Java - I will end my "to"day with a post on Linux.

This post explains how to use sftp.

1. sftp - is for Secure FTP.
2. No command available in Windows for sftp. [If someone knows a command line tool - let me know.]

In Linux:

1. Open a konsole or terminal.
2. To connect use this command - "user@host"
3. It would ask you for a password. Enter it to proceed further.

Example for connecting an user "you" to [If Debian folks did allow you ;) ]

#> sftp
Enter you password: ******

You are logged in!.

FTP commands:

cd - change directory.
ls - list files
put - upload a file to the server
get - download a file to your machine
bye - log out of the server.

Ananth Gouri

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