Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to get Liquorix Zen Kernel for Debian

Hi ,

Linux in the end is all about configuring your system for something called super fast performance and optimization.

If you feel the need for speeding up your stock kernels into a new one ever - you may try out Liquorix zen kernel.

Installation and configuration of the kernel is pretty much straight forward once the apt line is added to your repos and if the problem of solving dependencies is achieved.

Here goes the apt line to add to your repos:

deb sid main

Then run your apt-get update command to use either synaptic or the command line to install the new kernel.

Search for liquorix in your synaptic and dont forget to update your linux headers to liquorix headers and like wise the installation of linux-firmware-free package.

Lastly let it be only an update and have access to your previously working stock kernel(s) so that you may go back before you could break your system.

Let me know for any dependencies help needed during your installation process.


PDF Merge and Split packages in Debian Squeeze


Don' t feel like logging into XP or 7 only for the need of using a pirated software called Adobe Professional Reader to merge / split pdf files???

Just chill and use these 2 packages on your Debian based systems...

1. pdfsam

PDF split and merge - a easy to use UI with needs no special computer skills but normal usage of a good working mouse :P ;)

2. pdfshuffler

PDF-Shuffler is a simple pyGTK utility which lets you merge, split and rearrange PDF documents. You can also rotate and crop individual pages of a pdf document.

Use synaptic package manager and search for these to install or use the command line apt-get commands.

Try out these 2 packages and let me know if you found better ones for Debian :)


Friday, August 24, 2012

Android: Opening a GIF file based PPT


Thanks to a small problem faced by one of my friends.. All she wanted to do was check out if a GIF based presentation opens on an Android based smartphone....

After enough research on this topic - I could finally still save the image of Linux and Android to her :P ;)

The steps are as follows:-

1. Go to Google Store and install the app called Mobile Document Viewer written by Joerg Jahnke

[ First try out the free app and then purchase the ad free full version based on your needs... ]

2. Also make sure that the presentation file is created using OOI or Libre Office or at least converted to .odp file format after creation in MS Office 07 or higher versions :)

Note: Power Point of MS is called Open Office Impress in the OO suite or Impress in Libre Office suite

Hope this helps :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

A download scheduler for torrents in Debian


Many of us who use XP or MS 7 prominently always see that it has many features which other OSes dont!!!

For most of us download freaks - if you used a DM like IDM or many other free managers - one common functionality all of them have - is a scheduler.

A scheduler has the following functionalities -

1. A scheduler can start a download at one particular time and then stop seeding (if its a torrent download)

2. It can download your data and then shut down your machine

3. It can download only upto some % of data and lot more

So does Debian have a torrent downloader which is also a scheduler

Yes is has..

Install Vuze also called Azureus (

After installing Vuze - you will have to install a plugin called - Speed Scheduler

Download the jar file from or you can install it directly from Vuze
If you have downloaded the jar file then - open Installation manager in vuze - select offline download and then browse for the downloaded file and let vuze finish its job :)

Hope this helps you all :)