Monday, August 3, 2009

Thunderbird/Icedove Mailbox Restore....

Hi All,

This post explains as to how to restore your mails in your Thunderbird or in your Icedove during an upgrade or reinstall of Linux.

Please follow these steps:

I. Before the installation of Linux [Steps to follow if you are already using these clients and have a lot of mails in your Local Folders]

1. Open Account Settings by going to Edit.
2. Note the path that is given in the Local Folders path text box.
3. Browse to that path in Nautilus [Before that type Ctrl + H ]
4. Copy paste all the files in that folder and store it somewhere.

II. After the installation of Linux / After Upgradation

1. Install Icedove / Thunderbird. [Icedove if it is Debian 5]
2. After setting up back your a/c, go to Account Settings and browse to the path mentioned in the text box - using Nautilus.
3. Note that - Do not change the path mentioned in this new install. The path will be completely different, but never mind.
4. Close Icedove / Thunderbird.
5. Paste all the files stored (before install) to this folder.
6. Start Icedove again to get back all of your mails and your local folders intact.


1. Dont forget to copy all the files or at least the MSF and Dat files. I suggest to backup all.
2. Nautilus is the Gnome File Manager. This changes if you are using KDE / XFCE.

Hope this post helped you all.

Ananth Gouri

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