Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Debian Electronics - 1

Hi All,

As the saying goes - "Necessity is the mother of invention"....though I did not invent anything beyond the mother - Debian, here are some of the things. Make sure that you read all the 3 posts on Debian Electronics. This is #1.

The age of my electronics degree days were completely satisfied with real time electronic boards and circuits to the electronic work bench[EWB] software.

I had installed EWB using wine long time back. Any how thanks to National Instruments who still provide some support for EWB through their Academic Users.

All these started when my assembler Ananth Ram wanted me to find some tools in Linux through which people could work VHDL(Google it out if you dont know about it!!).

Here are my findings - I will post it in all these 3 posts now.

1. FreeHDL - use synaptic and search for vhdl and install this tool.

Do visit their site to know more how-tos to get yourself started on vhdl using freehdl. [Sorry dont ask me more info on this - as I really dont have enough time to work on these all. I am pretty busy with my J2EE work in office.]

2. ghdl - Use synaptic to install this too. Visit4More

I think that my assembler was not satisfied with this.

Go to post #2.

Ananth Gouri

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