Sunday, August 23, 2009

tsclient, rdesktop, grdesktop and your terminal server

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This post explains how to connect to your TS [Terminal Servers] using rdesktop, grdesktop and tsclient tools in Debian.

A terminal server is one which is located remotely in some other part of the world. Most of the companies like how now make use of Cloud Computing - similarly make use of TS too.

One common use is in creating multiple users on a single server for doing development work. This is the same analogy you can think - when a System Admin in Unix/Linux creates multiple login accounts to different people, a very common scene in colleges, universities and etc.

Right now - if you have a TS located in US, and its server address being something like or any other IP, you may use these tools.

1. TSClient - Terminal Server Client

Installation is pretty simple - use synaptic and install it.

Then go to a konsole or terminal and issue the command "tsclient"

Then input all the details : username, ipaddress/server address, password, domain name, computer/host name.

And say connect - thats it you will be connected.

2. GRDesktop / rdesktop - Gnome Remote Desktop / remote Desktop

GRDesktop is the front end on Gnome for rdesktop.

Search for rdesktop and grdesktop in your synaptic and install it. Input all the details and thats it you are connected.

Note that you may want to use vncviewer / vncclient / tiger vnc to connect to a TS. But it would not work whenever you have to enter a Domain name. This is my observation - if you have a change, intimate me.

Note: If you use ultra vnc - then you do have an option of giving domain name too.

Ananth Gouri

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