Sunday, August 30, 2009

Promoting, spreading Linux For You magazine

Hi All,

Just waiting to grab my Septmeber Issue of Linux For You magazine - India's and Asia's first Magazine on Linux. Visit or

Every month - LFY (acronym called with deep and dear love...) provides a free DVD with the latest Linux Distro available during that time. They see to it that - they wont miss a single important release. By an important release - I meant for Distros like Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Slackware, openSuSe, Mandriva et al.

Now dont ask me - "Are the other distros not important?" By terming it "important" [I meant] - just imagine how much can a magazine provide to its readers - when it provides the full magazine worth of great Linux related and OSS stuff, and also provides a good distro - for a minimal cost of Rs. 100???? !!!

It has to provide the best and the famous distros only - when the number of active Linux distributions in this world is more than 100+ [visit for little info and for a list of distributions.]

[Please dont forget that a normal - tasty meal in the metros of India costs a family not less than Rs. 600 to Rs. 1000+ in a middle rated hotel.]

Its not just the DVD - LFY also provides a CD full of latest Linux packages along with the latest stable release of the Linux kernel.

I was excited to buy this month's issue - as LFY is providing its readers - Linux Gamers DVD edition.

For those of you all who don't know about Linux Gamers - please visit this site -

Happy gaming too this time.

Also if "you" are from India - reading this blog post today - do mind to buy a LFY magazine[available in most of the book stalls and Newspaper stalls.] You would never know how many "100s" of Rupees you waste on unwanted things daily.

Do buy LFY and spread a word or two about Linux and its use.

Happy reading and live long LFY....

Ananth Gouri


  1. hi gouri,

    thanks a ton for spreading the word about LFY. hope others are able to benefit from this magazine too.

    best wishes,

    rahul chopra
    editor, lfy

  2. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks a lot for making time to read about my blog post.

    Spreading LFY to the outside world is as important as spreading Linux, OSS, FOSS, open source to our mislead and FOSS-illiterate people.

    Finally if these kind of things - leads people to stop using pirated softwares and operating systems - I think my objective of starting this blog will be satisfied.

    Thanks a lot,
    Ananth Gouri