Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Java Basics -2

Hi All,

Continuing from the last post -->

1. Many of you would know different types of variables.
2. By different variables - I mean - a static variable, a global variable, a local variable.

My advice:

1. Dont use a local variable and try to get its value outside its scope.
2. If you want to get the value of a variable any where in the program - use a global variable.

Note for Java Beginners: For those of you who dont know what is a local, global, static and other kinds of variables - please do google it out.

Note for Advance Java-ers: I know that by using the term global, local and et al for a variable and calling itself a variable - I am doing a mistake here. But since these posts are for beginners - I have called them like that. Actually I mean that it is the variable scope rather than the variable. Thanks for judging me dumb!!!

Note: Would be posting in depth on variable scope sometime later.


Ananth Gouri

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