Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tracking your Facebook recognized devices

Hey All,

Before we can go in detail.. First lets discuss something more about security on Facebook.

Being the most famous social networking site now, also has the problem of being insecure day-in-and-out...

Not many of us know how and when our accounts could be hacked, blocked or even for that matter deactivated...

So what are the safety measures and how do you monitor them once in a while...?

This post is all about it....

Sit back and read it relaxed and implement it step by step...

1. Once you login to facebook profile, go to Account Settings->Account Security.
2. Check the check box to do "Secure browsing"
3. Next last check both the check boxes under "Login Notifications"
4. Click save and logout
5. Relogin back to your profile.

From now on - you will be asked for a Device name before logging into your Wall.

But until here many would be knowing all these.. But what next??

You are now supposed to check once in a while at the same Account Security and make sure you have the names under "Device Name" the same as you have given during that day and time stamp.

Please make sure that you dont give common name to your device for getting recognized - like - home, shop, office, home2 etc..

This way if you give very common names - even you would lose track and would not remember if it was really you who did login at that time stamp.

Instead give some dummy names or even some junk names for your device. Example: likf3r34%6

That way - a hacker will not give the most common Device name "Home" and you can track him right away too... :)

Secure social networking and happy and safe browsing too...
Ananth S Gouri