Thursday, August 13, 2009

RealPlayer and LSB problem - acroread

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Lemme first make a note for you all. I want to blog a lot today. :)

Write, back to the problem.....

The recent post that I wrote of installing Real Player - had some issues. If you guys had read it, I had told you folks that you need to install LSB 3.2 before installing realplay.

My lecturer who tried doing the same recently faced a problem. As soon as he was ready to install LSB, synaptic warned that it would remove Adobe Reader he had installed.

Folks dont worry, go ahead and let it uninstall Adobe Reader.

Then go to adobe reader site and download the latest 9.1.2 and it gets installed flawlessly.

If you download the deb file - use "dpkg -i filname.deb" command and if you downloaded the bin file, use "chmod u+x filename.bin" and then "./filename.bin"

Issue the above commands in a konsole or terminal and without quotes.

Ananth Gouri

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  1. I strongly suggest using the officially supported Ubuntu partner repository instead.
    See detailed HowTo.