Monday, August 17, 2009

Installing Pidgin-sipe in Debian Lenny

Hi All,

This gives more information of how to install pidgin-sipe latest 1.6.x series to your Debian Lenny.

I: If you did not have Pidgin installed onto your Lenny:

1. Please do not use the debian repos. I checked in Sid branch also to find out that debian did not add the latest 1.6.x or not even the stable 1.5.0.

2. Hit your browser to

3. Copy the apt-key and PPA setup commands.

4. Become the root and issue these commands.

5. Now open synaptic[reload repos] or issue apt-get update command.

6. Search for Pidgin. You will find pidgin 2.4 if you have all the debian repos. Dont worry. Press Ctrl + E and chose [force] the version of pidgin to 2.5.8 or what ever given by Ubuntu.
You will able to see the version with the "Ubuntu" keyword in it. Use that.

7. Similarly - you need to force the following packages too: 1. pidgin-data, libpurple0, and some of the other dependencies that synaptic puts forward.

[If you face any problems with step 7, mail me]

8. You may be asked to install a package called liblaunchpad*. If you dont find this in the ubuntu repos thro synaptic, dont worry, google it out and download the file - size in Kbs and install it using dpkg -i command.

9. Last step would be to install pidgin-sipe, if required force this package too. It has to show 1.6.3 as of today.

From here on, follow the "pidgin-sipe" post information to add an OCS/LCS account.

II. If you had Pidgin already installed:

1. I could not get the upgrade feature through synaptic - since I had installed the latest 2.5.8 through backports site.

2. I advise you to uninstall pidgin completely, if needed just logout and relogin.

3. Then follow the steps mentioned in I.

4. Note that if a logout does not work, just restart your machine - and force your versions properly.

Once again, thanking Pier11 for advising me that 1.5.0 was the stable version and 1.6.x was the latest version.

Thanks All,
Ananth Gouri

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