Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Debian Electronics - 2

Hi All,

Post #2....

Enter scene: Mr. BNK Sir. The scene from yesterday was completely changed when I discussed my assembler problems with my NIE college lecturer, BNK.

My sir started with something new. A new terminology altogether: ISE Webpack 10[Again google it out....].

Thank god that my sir gave me some good news [though got to confirm physically still.]. Check out[use google please]. This site - when a version 10 is released - it makes 9 free!!!..

And my research did not end here. I continued and found out something new - qucs.

Use synaptic and install qucs - which stands for Quite Universal Circuit Simulator.

Visit for more details and also dont forget to check out that qucs has a pdf file which tells how to integrate vhdl programming to qucs.

All the best with your vhdl programming.

Read post - 3 before you close my site :)

Ananth Gouri

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