Monday, August 10, 2009

AVG Linux Offline Update

Hi All,

This post explains as to how to update avg antivirus for linux. By update - I mean update the antivirus virus definitions.

Follow these steps:

1. Download the updates from this link -
2. Download the non-windows updates from the above site.
3. Open gnome-terminal and type su - and then your root password.
4. Save it to say - Desktop.
5. Finally run this command in your terminal - "avgupdate -f /home/ananth/Desktop"

1. Where -f is for offline, the next option is the path of the downloaded files [bin files]
2. Replace /home/ananth - with /home/your_account_name

Thats it. Enjoy maadi.....

Take care and GN,
Ananth Gouri

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