Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Microsoft Project and its mpp files...

Hi All,

Hopefully I can proceed beyond my 6th post of this month.... That too on the last day of the month..... :)

If you all ever faced problems using the Microsoft Project files - of .mpp extensions, never mind bothering about it again.....

1. Go to
2. Go to the download links and download the .deb file from
3. Install it on your Ubuntu / Debian using the normal dpkg -i "filename.deb"
4. Hope by now you could solve most of the dependency problems you may face.....

Enjoy...Thats it.... Once installed - go to Applications->Office->Open Proj.

Now you should be able to open the mpp file....

Thanks and revisit me back in October....
Ananth Gouri

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fedex Dethroned.... :(

Hi All,

A non-tech post this time.

Sorry I could not keep quiet without expressing it.

The news...Fedex lost to Juan Martin Del Potro in the US Open 2009 Finals.

The Leo in Fed express along with the numerological problem of the consecutive "6"th played a major role in the final of US Open 09 - as Juan Martin Del Potro dethroned the GOAT - who carried some luck with him accompanied by some great tennis shots.

11 Double faults through out the match - 2 in the final game in Fed's serve added more misery to a very probable and what could have been an easy win.

Also thanks to some wrong umpiring - giving some crap decisions against Fedex at crucial stages of the 2 tie breaks - which Fedex lost.

Never mind - Fed did not cry this time - telling that he was relaxed even after the loss!!!

Probably Fed was waiting for his twins to grow old enough before gifting them the grand slam!!!

Thanks all,
Ananth Gouri

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NTFS Label

Hi All,

If you want to work on NTFS filesystems on your Linux distributions - install either ntfsprogs or ntfs-3g.

This post explains how to to rename a NTFS Label in your distro.

1. Check if you have ntfsprogs installed or not. Or else do install it.
2. Become the root or issue as sudo
sudo ntfslabel -f "your_device" "your_new_label_name"

In above bolded command: your_device may be something like /dev/sdb1
Give the label name that suits you.

Hope this helps you all.

Ananth Gouri

Seeking time !!!!

Hi All,

I am really doubtful - that I would cross 10 posts this month.

The reasons:
1. No time - very busy working on a priority project.
2. US Open - got to concentrate on Fedex!!!
3. Changed my sleeping habits.
4. Getting up early and catching the first bus to work - to just avoid the Bangalore traffic.
5. Coming home not before 11PM.
6. No enough time to tweak Linux and my Lenny also. :(

Hope you all oblige with me and go around with my problems.

Hope this problem ends in some time and I can get back to normalcy.

Take care All,
Ananth Gouri

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Problem contacting me.....???

Hi All,

These days - I started getting a lot of Orkut friend requests from unknown people - just for getting some help on Linux related work.

Not that I hate Orkut - but I really don't like it too. May be since I am not social - I don't like social networking sites???? Nope just kidding...

So to avoid this irritating problem [I can't be a friend to Tom Dick and Harry] - I have added a "Contact Me" feature from

Hope by now you understood that - to contact me for a Linux query - do type your query using this widget located below the Counter Linux image.

Thanks for reading patiently,
Ananth Gouri

Counter Linux

Hi All,

This is to all Linux Users:

1. Go to
2. Register Yourself - by clicking at the "Get Counted" link
3. Also register your machine - by clicking at the "Count your machine" link.

This site is created to count the number of Linux Users and also the number of Linux machines. Though the number [on the site] seems to be very low - the site admin guesses that the total Linux users can be around 29 Million today. :)

We are huge....... Hope you raise the count.....

Dont forget to save the image that you get when you are counted and then dont forget to post it to your site or blog - a way of promoting the site as well as Linux.

Also see to it that you create an image link and not a normal link to your image when you upload it in your blog.

I did it today. I hope you do the same too......... :) Let me know for any help.

Ananth Gouri