Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Hey All,

Debian 5.0.7 was out on Nov 27th 2010. Download it at

Ananth S Gouri


Hey All,

This post explains how to install the game SuperTuxKart.

Issue these commands from the konsole:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stk/dev

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install supertuxkart

Thats it...
Ananth S Gouri

Source: Digitizor, SuperTuxKartDevelopmentBlog via OMG Ubuntu

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey All,

If your mono (Windows C# as in layman's term) program involves CLI (Common Language Interface) 2.0, then running mcs will not compile the program.

You need to install gmcs for Mono C# 2.0 and C# 3.0 compiler for CLI 2.0 as is from synaptic...

And the command also differs. It will be gmcs filename.cs and not mcs filename.cs.

But to run the program it will be same - mono filename.exe

Hope this was interesting...
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, December 20, 2010

Installing XBMC "Dharma" on Ubuntu

Hi All,

This post explains how to install XBMC (XBox Media Center) 10.0 code named Dharma onto your Ubuntu systems.

Issue these commands from the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xmbc

Thats it...

You can view xbmc from Sound and Video

Ananth S Gouri

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hi All,

This post explains how to make use of the software festival - one that is used as a text to speech synthesis system...

Make sure that you have festival installed...

Or else issue this command:

sudo apt-get install festival

Or thro synaptic install festival

Once festival is installed, create a text file and save it a.txt

Issuing this below command will read out your a.txt as speech:

festival --tts a.txt

Note above line contains 2 hyphens before tts

Thats it..

Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Muktware article

A developers view on Fedora 14

Please find the above link which I wrote on a developer's perspective on Laughlin...

Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

flv2avi using avidemux tool

Hi All,

This post explains how to convert a flv file to a avi file.

Follow these steps:

1. Download the video from youtube making use of youtube-dl script.
2. Install youtube-dl through Synaptic.
3. Install avidemux through Synaptic.
4. Open avidemux and open the flv file downloaded.
5. Change the video format to MPEG 4 ASP (Xvid). Select it from the drop down.
6. Change the audio format to MP3 (lame). Select it from the drop down.
7. Save the file / output file by giving a filename with an avi extension.

Thats it.

This particular created avi file should be playable in most of the recent dvd  players.

Try it out to enjoy.

Ananth S Gouri

Monday, November 22, 2010

Typing tutors

Hi All,

This post is for all those people who waste more than 70% time searching the keys on the keyboard.

There are so many free typing tutors and online tutors in the Windows world.

On Debian based distros you find many packages. Of them - try out ktouch and gtypist.

Install it using synaptic.

Keep half an hour of your day's time for learning typing.

Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hi All,

This is for all those people who have no knowledge about

This is a website through which you can ask for free copies of Ubuntu latest edition.

Canonical sends the CDs free or rather ships them free of cost. I have many a times even asked for 20+ copies.

Today me being a lecturer at NIE Mysore - I decide to stop my ugly habit. I feel and also its better today that I have enough money as well as bandwidth to download one single CD and redistribute it to others.

This post was a thanks giving to shipit service of Ubuntu and of course for Ubuntu as a whole.

Thanks Ubuntu and its co,
Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

This post explains how to convert a youtube downloaded flv file to avi file format.

1. Copy the youtube link from the youtube site.
2. Make use of youtube-dl script (install it through Synaptic) and issue this below command

youtube-dl http_youtube_url

3. Convert the flv to avi with this below command:
ffmpeg -i file.flv file.avi [You should have installed ffmpeg prior using synaptic]

You may want to give additional parameters to ffmpeg. Read the manual pages of ffmpeg.

Thats it...
Ananth S Gouri

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Listening to alternative rock, punk rock

Hi All,

This post explains how to listen to alternative rock and punk rock in Lenny.

Hit your browsers to and search for TUNE IN

- select your preferred mp3 application

Download Realplayer stream.

Open it with totem

Thats it...

Ananth S Gouri

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Its a pleasure indeed to tell that my site  has / had 10k hits over a period of an year and 8 months.

I am really blessed to write a whole lot of things on different topics varied right from Linux till UNIX to Java to Lex and Yacc as well.

I hope to continue this for long and request you all to keep reading my blog at the same time.

Happy Ananth signs of.

Fedora 14 Laughlin

Hey All,

Fedora 14 is out. Its code is named Laughlin.

Its available for download in multiple formats @

Ananth S Gouri

Libre Office

Hi All,

Its indeed sad to tell that OOO is no more (OOO no more)

A new Office suit now exists which is a forked version of OOO called Libre Office.

The project was started as Document Foundation project.

And the ending - Oracle asks all those people who supported Document Foundation to leave... :(

Now in all its 2. First OpenSolaris now OOO.

May God bless those 33 developers who quit Oracle to start Document Foundation project.

Take care all,
Ananth S Gouri

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Facebook chat

Hey All,

This post explains how to install Facebook chat plugin for pidgin.

Follow this:

1. Open synaptic through the administration menu in your Ubuntu / Lenny.
2. Search for pidgin-facebookchat
3. Install it.

Now you can login to your Facebook chat after entering its credentials.

Tc and have a great day,
Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Changing the Timeout in Grub 2

Hi All,

This post explains how to change the timeout from the default 10 seconds in Grub2 to some higher value.

Follow these steps:

1. sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
Find the Timeout field which is set to 10 and change it to some higher value like 500.

2. Save the file and run sudo update-grub

3. Finally reload the grub by the command sudo grub-install /dev/sda

Thats it...

Have a great day and tc,
Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gmail and Thunderbird / Icedove

Hi All,

This post explains how to get your gmail mails to your local thunderbird or the Debian's Icedove in Ubuntu Ultimate Ed 2.7

First login to your gmail account and enable IMAP settings for your a/c. Save your settings.

From here on it is pretty simple as opening Thunderbird and entering info for some basic questions.

Enter the following:
1. Your Gmail Username
2. Your Gmail Userid
3. Your Gmail password.

Thunderbird will detect most of the settings automatically and thats it. Enjoy....

Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

Frostwire is a fully free Limewire Pro alternative software available for Windows, Mac and LINUX.

Check out the download link in and installation is using the dpkg -i command.

Solve any of the dependencies you may get.

Thats it,
Ananth S Gouri

300+ 9k+

Hi All,

I dont know how many of you have observed. My blog has crossed 300+ posts and above 9k hits.

I never expected that I would be crossing these 2 huge figures. Thanks to LINUX and of course to Debian.

Long live both of them and as well my blog.

Tc All,
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, October 15, 2010

Installing Google Earth on Ubuntu Ultimate Ed 2.7

Hi All,

This post explains how to install Google Earth on Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 2.7 version.

Download Google Earth from this link:

Follow these steps to install :

1. chmod +x filename.bin
2. ./filename.bin

Then you can access Google earth from Internet.

Thanks to linuxpoison for this blog post. 

Thats it,
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lenovo hardware

Hi All,

I could get almost all the hardware working fine for my Lenovo on my Lenny.

It was just an update of the latest Gnome and also an update of the latest alsa-base for sound.

One last thing that is partially working is the touchpad which does not work for a tap.

But this is not a big show stopper.

So no need to fret.

Take care all,
Ananth S Gouri

Broadcom WiFi

Hi All,

Hope many of you know that Broadcom company let open its code for its linux wireless drivers.

The installation of Broadcom drivers in Ubuntu 10.04 or the recently available 10.10 is not at all difficult. But its not the same in Lenny.

All of you folks please follow this link and the rest of it is just going thro the site step by step:

But make sure that you have a working internet connection.

Take care all,
Ananth S Gouri

Lenny on Lenovo

Hi All,

After nearly one month on Ubuntu and its derivatives, I could install Debian Lenny on my new laptop Lenovo z460.


My SATA CD ROM / DVD ROM was not detected and I used to get the error : No common CD ROM drives available.

This was like a huge problem and I could not install Debian through any of these CD/DVD sources.

Finally after googling for about 3 to 4 hours - I could figure out and get out of the problem.


In the bios settings for SATA - my computer assembler had set the settings to "compatible".

I just changed this from compatible to AHCI. Thats it.

But now the new thing is,  I cant boot Windows 7  or XP. But for me getting Lenny working was a bigger priority and I would not bother much for my Gates breakage.

Thanks & Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lost Menu Bar

Hi All,

If you ever lost your gnome panel in Ubuntu, then issue this command and you will be able to retrieve it back...:

Thats it,
Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi All,

Its pretty sad to talk about the demise of openSolaris thro Oracle.

But we are lucky to have another distro which along with the Illomos project will fork binaries for openSolaris.

Read this below article from the distrowatch weekly news to learn more:

Hope now this grows larger than openSolaris,
Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dvdrom, dvdrw, cdrom, cdrw devices missing

Hi All,

This is an error from Ubuntu 8.04 onwards. Many a times - you cant mount your cds and dvds in Ubuntu.

It would throw an error stating "No optical drives found" in softwares like K3b etc.

These below steps will solve the problem...

1. Rename this file to any other file and restart
-> /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules

2. Here is the command:
mv /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-cd.rules.disabled

Dont forget to restart after this command...

Have a great day ahead,
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, September 20, 2010

Virtualbox cant operate in VMX root mode

Hey All,

If you ever get this error : Virtualbox cant operate in VMX root mode - then you need to just issue this below command as root - to fix the problem.

sudo modprobe -r kvm_intel

Thats it...

Have a great day ahead,
Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Installing GRUB 1.0 and 2.0

Hi All,

This post explains how to install GRUB 2.0.

Whenever you do a new installation of XP or Win 2000 or now-a-day's hyped Windows 7, your GRUB will be lost.

GRUB stands for Grand Unified Boot Loader.

The installation part of GRUB 1.0 v/s GRUB 2.0 is something different.

So lets go with both the installations. I have already posted the installation procedure for GRUB 1.0 which is actually GRUB 0.98.

I. For GRUB 0.98

1. Find the partition where you have your Linux ext3 (/ partition) installed.
2. If you have a separate /boot, /home, /var and /root/ partitions then the installation procedure for both changes.
3. Now assuming that you have only one single ext3 partition which is /root - we shall proceed from there on:

Step 1: mkdir a
Step 2: sudo mount /dev/sda? a
[Above ? will be the drive partition where you have /root installed]
Step 3: sudo chroot a
Step 4: /usr/sbin/grub-install /dev/sda

That should load the Grub 0.98

Installing GRUB 2.0 (which is 1.98)

Step 1: sudo mount /dev/sd2 /mnt
Step 2: sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev

Step 3: sudo mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc
Step 4: sudo mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys
Step 5: sudo chroot /mnt
Step 6: nano -w /etc/default/grub
[Ctrl + X]
Step 6: update-grub
Step 7: grub-install /dev/sda

I will be posting more on GRUB 2.0 and its features pretty soon.

Keep reading....
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hi All,

To all those who know nothing about a Linux Distribution called LinuxMint, here you go:

But as per my post title "LMDE" - it is an acronym for Linux Mint Debian Edition.

Yes - now its a new distribution from the linuxmint folks. Read more here and download the iso file of about 900Mb from here:

But as the blog states - this distro is not compatible with the repos of Ubuntu. !!!

Enjoy LMDE,
Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

Have you folks ever come across a format by extension .epub?? If no - then its info is here :

It is a format developed by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum).

This format is being used in most of the recent Ebook readers like Sony Reader, Apple Ipad etc.

For reading such format books in your desktops having Linux Distro, there is a reader called Fbreader.

Install it and enjoy reading.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, September 6, 2010

Oracle 10g XE - 3

Hi All,

This post explains the last part of configuring Oracle 10g XE edition.

Once the rpm or the .deb file is installed, you need to issue this command as root.

1. /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure

Here after giving this above command, there are some steps to be done:

1. Mention the port number in the first command. This would be the port that you will be using to access the homepage of the server.
2. Leave the default port of 1521 for the net listener.
3. Enter the password for sys. This is the same password for system user as well.
4. Finally hit your browser to

Here enter sys / system as the user and the password you gave in step 3 above.

Once you are logged in as sys user, create a new user and issue a password to it and as well grant other permissions like creating a table, trigger, schema etc to that user.

Hope this is simple and easy to understand.

Cheers :)
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, September 3, 2010

Enabling MP3 and other restricted codec support in Fedora 13

Hi All,

This post explains how to install MP3 and other restricted codecs in Fedora 13, Goddard.

Issue these below commands from the terminal.

1. rpm -ivh
2. rpm -ivh
3. yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly xine-lib-extras-nonfree gstreamer-ffmpeg


Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Thursday, September 2, 2010

WPA2 encryption setup with Belkin router

Hi All,

I purchased a Belkin N Series router today which has a 1000ft range!!! I needed to configure wi-fi for linux with WPA2 encryption method. 

I could do it pretty easily. This is the way I did.

1. For a complete encryption set-up using Linux - we need something called wpasupplicant.
2. I did not have enough time to do it in this manner.

Right... Here I go...

Do this from your Windows Machine.

1. Put your Belkin cd into the CD tray and wait for the setup to start.
2. If you are not done with the physical hardware setup of the router - then do it first before you proceed from here.
3. Once done.. Click on the security setup and for the 4th or the 5th step out of 7 - you will be asked to select the type of encryption. Select WPA2.
4. Next - after selecting WPA2 - it asks you for a passkey - which is the password to connect to the systems connected through the router.
5. The router takes the passkey and then it restarts itself.

Thats it....

So now if you try to connect to any Linux distros - you would get the availability of this Belkin wi-fi network.You need to enter the passkey to connect to the same then.

Next I will try to configure the full setup using WPAsupplicant. I will post more after that.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oracle XE Part 2

Hi All,

Last post I had explained how to install Oracle XE for your distros.

Next part - that is this part - I explain how to configure further for proper working of the database.

1. Issue this command as root : /etc/init.d/oracle-xe configure
2. Once the steps for the above step 1 is done (Refer my last post on Oracle XE)
3. You would have given the password for system / sys - which is the main DBA.
4. Go to your Gnome Menu / K Menu and then under Oracle Database 10g Express Edition -> Go to ->> Go to database home page and there issue the login and password for "system".
5. You can create a new user - once you login in step 4.
6. Now from here on - use "Run SQL command line" from the same menu for connecting and working your DB problems.

3 Cheers :)

Hope all understood what I meant. Mail me for any doubts.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

PowerISO and .daa

Hi All,

Ever came across a .daa file extension???

If yes - then hit your browsers to

For Linux distributions - hit this link -

Extract the zip file and for operations / usage of PowerISO - try this command - ./poweriso - ?

Now coming to the .daa file extension - the expansion of .daa is "Direct Access Archive" and this file extension is a proprietary of PowerISO.

You can extract the content of a .daa file using the above linux based free tool - with this command:

./poweriso  extract filename.daa -od /home/username/

You can also convert a .daa file to an .iso file.

Thats it...

Enjoy archiving / extraction,
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oracle 10g

Hey All,

This post explains how to install Oracle 10g onto your systems.

Note: I will be explaining the installation procedure for Oracle XE aka, Oracle Express Ed is the student edition which is free for personal use and not for business use.

Follow these steps:

2. Go to that above site and accept the license.
3. Search for "Oracle Database 10g Express Edition" and click on the link below with this text : Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Linux x86  
4. If your distro is a Red hat based - like - Fedora, RHEL, Red Hat 9, openSUSE, Mandriva - then download the .rpm file. 
5. If your distro is a Debian based - like - Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Sidux etc - then download the .deb file.
6. For installation its simple:
a. for the rpm file: rpm -i filename.rpm
b. for the deb file: dpkg -i filename.deb
7. Make sure that you resolve the dependencies if any.

Post install configuration:

1. Go to /etc/init.d
2. As root - issue this command: ./oracle-xe configure
3. Mention the port number then
4. The listener port number and other details.

Add your a/c to the dba group.

Thats it. You may now check your database page by hitting your browser to:

This above 8090 is the port number you enter in the 3rd post install step.

3 Cheers :)
Hope you all understood the installation procedure.

Mail me at for any further queries.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hey All,

I dont know how many of you folks know XMMS. XMMS expansion is for X MultiMedia System.

It was like a clone of the winamp of Windows.

Abraca is a client(music player) of XMMS2 and written in a programming language called Vala.

To install abraca 0.5.0 you need the squeeze repo or the debian multi media repositories.

Enjoy listening,
Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

AcetoneISO is a multi functionality software to handle CD/DVD images.

Along with the management of CD/DVD images - it also has these great features:
1. Download Youtube/Metacafe videos (Youtube - anonymous and un-anonymous login)
2. Rip DVD2 to AVI
3. Convert FLV2 to AVI
4. Extract Audio from a video file
5. Split an image into smaller chunks of files
6. Encrypt and Decrypt an image
7. Extract a rar password file and many more.

You need to have the Debian Multimedia repository to install AcetoneISO.

I confirm know that you folks will enjoy playing with AcetoneISO.

Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maverick Meerkat

Hi All,

Maverick Meerkat - aka Ubuntu 10.10's codename will be released on October 10th, 2010.

The new set of wallpapers for this release can be found here...

Take a look,
Ananth S Gouri

F 14

Hi All,

Fedora 14 Alpha, code named "Laughlin" is released.

You can download it here:

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pronounce Debian

Hi All,

Pronunciation is such an important thing in life. For example if people pronounce your name in a different way/manner - its so annoying. Forget the nick names people keep for everyone - but the correct name's pronunciation has to be perfect.

At least this is what I expect out of you.

Now the whole point of this blog post... I met one of my AProf who had no clue as to how to pronounce Debian. He kept on calling it as Debiani or something very weird.

But next time I meet him - I will expect the proper way of calling for my OS.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adriane Knoppix

Hi All,

Today I downloaded Adriane Knoppix - an approximately 700Mb file.

Its best features being - the full Distro is an Audio based one or a talking menu system - which according to Knopper, helps the visually disabled.

Read here:

A.D.R.I.A.N.E. (Audio Desktop Reference Implementation And Networking Environment) is a talking menu system, which is supposed to make work and internet access easier for computer beginners, even if they have no sight contact to the computers monitor. A graphical environment with also talking programs and arbitrary magnification using compiz-fusion, is another option. 

Try it out to know more... :)
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, August 20, 2010

Video call and chat in Debian!!!

Hi All,

Ya finally Google has provided Video chat and video call for Linux distros. Its basically for the Debian based ones.

Here below find the procedure of making a video chat / call:

1. Download this deb file : file
2. Issue this command as root : dpkg -i file.deb
3. Restart your browser

Thats it.

But note for the video chat and call features to work - the other end user also has to be using the Google email chat. I mean the chat that is embedded inside your gmail webpage.

Ananth S Gouri

Birthday Greetings Debian

Hi All,

Check this wonder Bday greeting card :

Thanks to Valessio Brito.

Take care all,
Ananth S Gouri

Belated Bday wishes to openSUSE

Its 5 years since openSUSE's Aug 9th bdays.

Belated wishes.

Tc All,
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Bday Debian

Hi All,

Ya.. Its Debian's bday today. It was surprising to me and an unknown fact as well. And I am happy for it. My b'day was on Aug 14th and Debian celebrates its 17 years today.

And as Digitizor* says - Ubuntu the most famous Linux distro now is based out of Debian.

Read a lot more stuff and interesting facts about Debian from Digitizor.

*Copyrights reserved to Digitizor.

Debian 17th B'day

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, August 13, 2010

MS Azure

Hi All,

Today I could discuss about cloud computing projects with my students. One of the project seems to use MS Azure.

I very well knew that MS Azure was not free. Check the below link.

I think that the students have to change to something else that open source and free and as well flexible to use.

Think twice before using MS products,
Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

Today was my first day at NIE as a lecturer. I learnt many new things from my students and of course from my faculty.

I taught some things as well. One of them being about Sharpdevelop.

A sharpdevelop version in Linux is Monodevelop - a GTK based version.

Installing monodevelop is pretty simple.

1. Have your repositories up to date.
2. Use synaptic, search for monodevelop and install it.

Thats it.

But what is MonoDevelop??? Read below "as is" from their site

MonoDevelop is an IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages. MonoDevelop enables developers to quickly write desktop and ASP.NET Web applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. MonoDevelop makes it easy for developers to port .NET applications created with Visual Studio to Linux and to maintain a single code base for all platforms.

Mail me @ if you folks face any issues. 
Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, August 6, 2010

Unix FS

Hi All,

An interesting article of how the UNIX file system was created here:

There are 2 more links in this above link's end. Dont forget to visit them :)

Ananth S Gouri

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

BSD Magazines

Hi All,

Free monthly BSD magazines at

Ananth S Gouri

Amarok 2.3.1 "The Bell"

Hi All,

Amarok the default KDE music player's 2.3.1 is released with some cool features. Check this out:

The start-up screen is itself just gorgeous ;)

Installing this in Debian is simple. Update the repos to squeeze and thats it from there on. Use synaptic to install.

Also Debian plays Mp3 in Amarok unlike other distros.

Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

First of all - to those new ones to BSD... BSD is a UNIX Operating System. Google more about it..

MaheshaBSD is a freeBSD 8.0 flavor. As far as the name is concerned - "Mahesha" - see below:

"Mahesha is one of the 1008 names of Lord Shiva - Supreme God of the Universe who stands above all gods.  This name was chosen because Shiva's weapon is same as the FreeBSD's one - the trident"

You can download MaheshaBSD here:

Will post more once I try this out...

Ananth S Gouri

K3b 2.0

Hi All,

K3b 2.0 - a super cool CD/DVD burner for Linux / LXDE - was released recently.

If you want to get this to your Debian - add the squeeze repos.

That should be pretty straight forward.

Enjoy burning,
Ananth S Gouri

Main Menu

Hi All,

Many a times though we install new packages / softwares - we will not see the shortcuts to them in the main menu.

This post solves that problem.

1. Check if that package is installed or not using gnome-terminal and typing that command.
2. For example if you installed amarok - a music player - and did not find it in the menu bar (Start Menu) -  then follow from step 3
3. Go to System -> Preferences -> Main Menu
4. There under Sound and Video -> Amarok (check box)
5. Check that check box stated in step 4

This step 5 automatically adds Amarok on the menu.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

KDE 4.5 RC3

Hi All,

KDE 4.5 Release Candidate 3 is out.

Get more info here -

In Debian - thro Squeeze updates - you can get 4.4.5 version.

Update your repos and try it out.

Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Google new feature

Hi All,

Google today has got a new feature. You type; and once the search page opens up, you have a new feature at the left hand side of the page - which says - change background image and allows you to select different images.

Try it out,
Ananth S Gouri

udev issue

Hi All,

Whenever I tried to update from Lenny to Squeeze, I faced this udev issue.

udev above 0.50 threw this error. I will post the error sometime later. I forgot to save it. :(

The solution to this problem is:

Issue this below command:

touch /etc/udev/kernel-upgrade

or upgrade your kernel to 2.6.27 or above.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Monday, August 2, 2010

Configuring Greenstone

Hi All,

On March 24th 2010, I had mentioned about a library software called Greenstone.

Lets discuss more on this...

Installing Greenstone:

1. Go to this link and download the software
2. Installing Greenstone is as simple as running a shell script.

From the download directory - issue these 2 commands:
1. chmod a+x filename
2. ./filename

Configuring Greenstone:

If you wanted to configure the Greenstone Server - after installation -
1. Go to the main directory of installation
2. Issue the command - ./

Similarly configuring Greenstone library interface (GLI) -
1. Go to gli folder
2. Issue the command ./

Here inside the library - we can build our own collections of ebooks.

Happy storing,
Ananth S Gouri

Debconf Aug 1 to Aug 7

Hi All,

Around 300 Debian developers worldwide will assemble at New York City's Columbia University in cooperation with the Columbia Computer Science department.

Check this out for more info: debconf-2010

Try to attend...
Ananth S Gouri 

Wine 1.2

Hi All,

Wine - aka - Windows Emulator - 1.2 version which is a stable version was released sometime mid July.

The wine developers took nearing 2 years to get to this version and a huge 23000 changes !!!

Also the development version 1.3 is released.

Get more info here - link

Try them out...
Ananth  S Gouri

Torrent download softwares

Hi All,

This post lists out some of the torrent download softwares in Lenny and in general in Linux OSes.

There are many available; with the popular ones being -

1. Deluge
2. Ktorrent
3. Bittransmission

Deluge has a cool plugin which allows to download the torrent thro a scheduler.

Happy downloading,
Ananth S Gouri

Debian IRC logs

Hi All,

I dont know how many of you folks login into the #debian channel thro IRC.

But I also do and can be found under the name ananthgs.

What if there is no internet or power available - that makes you to be away from the system for long???

No need to worry. This post explains how to get the log from this channel.

Hit your browser to this link - link

Thats it.. You can just not get the logs of the hours missed - but also the log of each day.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

kstreamripper is a UI for the streamripper command utility.

You can install this package from synaptic.

How to use:

1. Add a stream .
2. Give the stream a name.
3. Give the url and an optional description.

Then click on the "Rip stream" button.

To stop ripping - click on "stop rip" button. 

Thats it...

Take care and happy radio/stream ripping ;)
Ananth S Gouri

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Safe umount

Hi All,

Most of us dont do a safe un-mount or rather a umount.

And most of us use XP - the door OS ;) 

This above leads to a peculiar problem for the pen drive - when its mounted in Linux - and also if the partition is of NTFS type only.

We will not be able to mount the ntfs partitions during this time.

There is a package called ntfsprogs using which we can solve this issue using the below command:

ntfsfix /dev/mount_point

This above command resets the ntfs journal file.

[Try this at your own risk.]

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

mozplugger is a tool for Firefox and related browsers - which allows the browser to embed different types of multimedia objects in it.

It uses external specific tools for the same. For example if we wanted to view pdf thro the browser, we can make use of mozplugger and xpdf.

Mail me for more inputs.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

Ever thought how to edit your menu items in Linux???

Install the alacarte package which does the job for you.

You have to practically experiment to know the usage of alacarte.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Google Linux

Hi All,

You can google just for Linux using the Google Linux search.

Here you find the link -  Google Linux

Enjoy Googling,
Ananth S Gouri

Audio with audacious

Hi All,

Audacious is a multi codec player. Install it using synaptic.

It also supports different plugins. Install the audacious-plugins package.

Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Linux Wallpapers :)

Hi All,

Check this out for some cool Linux wallpapers -  Tux Wallpapers

Ananth S Gouri

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Removing hyperlinks from OO Writer

Hi All,

Many a times you may want to remove the hyperlink in a doc writen on OOWriter.

I dont remember what is it for MS Word.

But in oowriter - its as simple as right click on that link and say check "default formatting"

That should serve the problem.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

IE 8.0 for Ubuntu???? :/

Hi All,

A link to an intersting article from Digitizor. Enjoy Digitizor Link :)

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Compiled HTML format

Hi All,

Ever wondered how to open chm aka compiled html format files in Linux???

Its pretty simple. There are different packages called kchm, xchm and gnochm.

Install them using the package managers.

Right click on the file and say open with xchm or kchm.

Thats it...

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Winrar of Linux

Hi All,

You all would be accustomed of using the 40 days trial of Winrar in Windows. Ever thought of the same in LINUX???

Ok fine.. This post explains the same.

There is a package in most Linux distros called unrar. There are 2 versions of unrar. 1 is the free version and the other the un-free version.

Installation should be as simple as dpkg -i filename.deb or make use of your package managers.

The usage would be : unrar filename.rar.

Thats it...

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Thursday, July 22, 2010

iwl 3945

Hi All,

This post explains how to connect to a wireless n/w with a Intel Wireless Pro 3945 AG wireless card.

Follow these steps:

1. Issue this command: sudo aptitude install firmware-iwlwifi
2. sudo modprobe iwl3945
3. Use gnome-network-manager to connect to your specific encrypted / non-encrypted network.
4. If its encrypted network - then follow the type as per your vendor / office.

Thats it...

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hi All,

Its been pretty long since writing a post.

alias is the command of my post tonight.

alias allows a key to be used as an alternative for a command. Example for the command cat - I can use "ca" as the alias. See below usage:

alias ca='cat a.txt'

This above command would print the contents of a.txt

To un-alias, issue the command "unalias".

To  un-alias all aliases, issue the command "unalias -a"

Thanks & Regards,
Ananth S Gouri

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi All,

Prey is a software which helps to track down stolen laptops.

It makes use of wi-fi Hotspots and then the Google's location api to track down the culprit.

You can read about the same in more detail here

To download prey visit here

Installation is:

1. sudo dpkg -i filename.deb


Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Virtual Box 3.2.6

Hi All,

This post explains how to install VirtualBox 3.2.6.

1. Hit your browser to this link - VirtualBox 3.2.6

2. Install the deb file by issuing this command

dpkg -i filename.deb

3. Installing VirtualBox also requires some more configurations. Please read them in my previous posts.

Thanks & Regards,
Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hi All,

To those of you folks who have no idea as to what a cron is: Here you go.

There is a beautiful feature in cron.

What if you wanted to run a script every week and every month???

Its pretty simple.

Place your script in these 2 folders:

1. /etc/cron.weekly
2. /etc/cron.monthly

There is also and cron.hourly to run your script daily or hourly.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Truncate a file

Hi All,

Many a times when we work on the console of UNIX based systems - we will  have very little access to Windows or X terminal.
This  post explains how to truncate a file. Truncate a file as in deleting all the lines of the file.

This is done usually when we want to clear the logs.

This below command does our job:

cat /dev/null > filename.extension

Note that its a single '>' and not '>>'

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daemon tool / VirtualDisk / ISOMaster in Linux

Hi All,

This post explains how to play the role of these windows softwares
1. Daemon Tools
2. VirtualDisk
3. ISO Master 

using a simple command in Linux.

These MS softwares are used to mount an image file(iso and other file formats) virtually without a CD / DVD to burn it physically.

Issue this command as root.

mount -o loop file.iso /to_path

Here above file.iso is the image file you want to mount to path to_path

Thats it...

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, July 2, 2010

Debian 5.0.5

Hi All,

Debian recently has put up security and updates for critical bugs. Now its  Lenny 5.0.5.

Use your update manager to update.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

openSUSE 11.3 RC2

Hi All,

openSUSE 11.3 RC2 is released. RC as in Release Candidate.

12 days more to go for the release.

You can download the RC 2 here

Take care and GN,
Ananth S Gouri

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hi All,

LTSP is for Linux Terminal Server Project.

LTSP should fetch you more info.

As said - its good if this can be implemented at schools and colleges where monetary benefits are low.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Thursday, June 24, 2010

.msf to .pst

Hi All,

This post explains how to convert a Thunderbird mail folder extension to a MS Outlook extension.

.msf / .mbox is the file format created for separate folders in Thunderbird. Separate folders as in separate local folders.

There is a free software for Windows called ImapSize.

You can download it here: ImapSize

Convert each .msf / .mbox file using this software. A .eml file is created for every folder.

MS Outlook has the capacity to read .eml files.

After installating Outlook - create a folder and drag and drop the .eml files thro the Explorer window onto the OE window.

If you have Outlook Express installed - then you have an option of exporting .eml files.

Practically using this method helps to understand this post better.

Take care All,
Ananth S Gouri

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Skype 2.1

Hi All,

This post explains how to install Skype 2.1 on Lenny.

Here you go:

1. Hit you browser to Download Skype
2. You need Qt 4.0
3. Fix the other dependencies
4. Issue dpkg -i filename.deb as 'root'

Thats it :)

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SIPE 1.10

Hi All,

This post explains how to install SIPE 1.10 version to existing Pidgin.

So what is SIPE???

This project develops a third-party plugin for the Pidgin multi-protocol instant messenger. It implements the extended version of SIP/SIMPLE used by various products:
With this plugin you should be able to replace your Microsoft Office Communicator client with Pidgin

So, with SIPE we can replace MS Office Communicator. 
Installing SIPE:

1. Download the tar file from
2. Unzip it with the command - tar -xvzf filename.tgz
3. Issue ./configure --prefix=/usr/
4. Issue make
5. Issue sudo make install 

Thats it....

Ananth S Gouri

VMware to Virtualbox

Hi All,

A superb article from Linux Poison blog.

 VMware to Virtualbox

Try it out,
Ananth S Gouri

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hi All,

talk is a tool to "talk" with people connected in UNIX based n/w environment.

If you know the username - talk is as simple as this:

talk rob
Type your text here

Also you need to install talkd - a daemon to speak in distributed UNIX n/w.

Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi All,

Alien helps to convert different package formats.

You can convert between rpm, deb, slp, tgz and pkg file formats.

Say for example there is a .deb file and you want to convert it to .rpm

Issue this below command:

sudo alien -r filename.deb 

'man' more to know more.....

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kernel runtime options

Hi All,

Many a times you may have to give this below option.

kernel screen 1024x768

You can issue this command at the end of the kernel line in GRUB

Ok.. This option tells the kernel to load using a screen resolution of 1024x768. You can give your own options here.

But this is useful when the kernel cant load the images during installation and we wont be able to see "Next" button and etc.

Note: This became a pretty common problem in the past few releases of Fedora.

During such times - smaller resolutions do help to fit the full images.

Ananth S Gouri

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Free Manual

Hi All,

Go to this below link and register to get a free manual of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04)

Ananth S Gouri


Hi All,

FEL is for Fedora Electronic Lab. It is one of the "spins" of Fedora Project.

Check this out and if you like it - download the iso file - around 1.4Gb.

This as the site says - Design, simulate and program electronics.

I will post more on this - when I use it in Virtualbox.

Ananth Gouri

Virtualbox 3.2.4

Hi All,

This post explains how to install the latest Virtualbox 3.2

1. Uninstall the default version of Virtualbox (Installed through Lenny)
2. Do not uninstall your ose kernel modules.
2. Hit your browser to
3. Download the latest deb - here - Virtualbox 3.2 i386
4. Installation is through the command - dpkg -i filename.deb

Step #2 is important.

If you have not installed the kernel modules, then issue the command "uname -a" to find your kernel version and install the appropriate kernel ose modules.

Thats it.

Ananth S Gouri

Friday, June 11, 2010

Gates Fences

Hi All,

Just a superb quote to piss off MS users.....

"Who needs Gates in the world of no fences???" :)

Thanks & Regards,
Ananth S Gouri

Fedora Spins

Hi All,

Check this below link

for Fedora spins.

Fedora spins are alternate versions of Fedora, tailored for various types of users via hand-picked application sets and other customization

Thanks & Regards,
Ananth S Gouri

Vi search and replace command

Hi All,

To search and replace using Vi editor - issue this below command in "Insert" mode:



1. : is for Insert mode (Esc + i or Insert or shift i)
2. %s is for search
3. g is for Global search through the file.

Thanks & Regards,
Ananth S Gouri

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Distro Release Info

Hi All,

1. Ubuntu Ultimate Ed 2.7
2. Sabayon Linux 5.3

were released recently.

Download thro torrents.

Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 repository

Hi All,

Please find the Ubuntu 10.04 repository at ""

Use torrent download and do seed.

Ananth S Gouri

Installing a new font

Hi All,

This post explains how to install a new font - saw for example a Kannada ttf font. ttf is for - true type font

Using Synaptic:

1. Search for kannada
2. Install the search result (ttf-kannada-fonts)

Using Command line:

1. Kannada or any font for that matter - copy the font file - say "ttf-kannada-fonts" and paste it in /usr/share/fonts/ path as root.

Thats it.

Ananth S Gouri

Distro releases

Hi All,

Please find the below distro releases:

1. VortexBox 1.4
2. SalixOS 13.1
3. Pardus 2009.2
4. Untangle Gateway 7.3
5. Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 

Ananth S Gouri

Installing Nvidia driver on Lenny

Hi All,

Warning: This may screw up your X server. I or my blog is not responsible for it.

This post explains how to install Nvidia driver on Lenny.

Include contrib and non-free repositories through the software sources through UI.

Command wise - update /etc/apt/sources.list to include this line
deb lenny main contrib non-free
and then apt-get update

Then follow this procedure (Using Synaptic):

1. Install nvidia-glx driver
2. Install nvidia-kernel (this has to match your kernel version)
3. Install nvidia-kernel-common

Once this is done - then

1. Install nvidia-xconfig

Open "gnome-terminal" and run "nvidia-xconfig" as root.

If you have 2 monitors - you can split your view using (will write about this with pictures sometime later)

1. Install "nvidia-settings"


1. Nvidia does not hot deploy kernel modules. A restart is required.
2. Many a times after the restart - the X server is screwed up.Its better to backup your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file before implementing this post.

Hope 1: Hope you can solve dependency issues.

I will be writing another post to fix xorg.conf sometime later.

Keep reading...

Ananth S Gouri

.ram .rm files

Hi All,

This is my first post of June.

If you see my last post of May, I had mentioned about mozilla-mplayer.

.ram and .rm files are Real Media file extensions and are default extensions to listen to streaming audio.
But these days - the internet streams for audio - give you an option of multiple file formats like mp3, aac et al.

This embedded-mplayer plugin plays all these formats.

Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hi All,

Install mozilla-mplayer package to get an embedded mplayer to your firefox or iceweasel in Debian Lenny.

Ananth Gouri

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fedora 13 Released

Hi All,

Fedora 13 was released around 2 days back IST.

Will be writing a review soon.

Ananth Gouri

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unmount feature of Lucid Lynx

Hi All,

The unmount feature of Lucid Lynx - with Gnome 2.30 is just too good.

I had not got a chance to use Gnome 2.30 in Lenny.

Gnome 2.30 - say for example - you are listening to mp3 in your mp3 player or reading an ebook from your hard disk -

Next if you plan to shutdown your system - it clearly shows

1. For MP3 -  The player being used, the song being played
2. For ebook - The reader being used and the ebook being read

And then asks , "Do you still want to shutdown?"

Ananth Gouri

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi All,

Puppy Linux 5.0 is released.

Since its base is from Ubuntu and Ubuntu's code name  being Lucid Lynx, Puppy Linux 5.0 code name is Lucid Puppy (LuPu).

The iso image file size is 128 Mb.

Ananth S Gouri

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sound Quality in Lucid Lynx

Hi All,

I took a great decision of migrating from my Lenny to Lucid Lynx. Lucid Lynx is the source code name for ?buntu based distributions.

Now I know with the latest version of packages and that too with the stable versions of it... Its just awesome experience.

I am enjoying the quality of sound - with the Alsa base being 1.0.22 version.

I also split the sound thro a 2 stereo splitter b/w the 2.1 Inspire Creative and my smaller Creative speakers.

Ananth Gouri

Friday, May 14, 2010

Power Management in Lucid Lynx

Hi All,

I could see 1 option missing in the power management section of Lucid Lynx.

"When the laptop lid is closed" most of the distros will have this option "Do Nothing"

Dont know if the developers forgot that option or what...

Ananth Gouri

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

udev 145

Hi All,

udev - the one that is important for creating dev and also acts as a dynamic module loader [hotplug management daemon].

For udev above the version 145 we get an error stating "kernel has to be updated or remove this feature:
CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED which is been set to Y

There has been a patch 2/8 where Linus signs off to rename it to just SYSFS and make use of the old .config file.

I know many would not have understood anything in this post.

Even I am working on this.

Will update you all soon when I properly get this working.

There are other solutions of full dist upgrade thro aptitude which has worked for some and not for many.

Lets see,
Ananth Gouri

Vector Linux

Hi All,

The classic version of Vector Linux 6.0 is released.

Check this out ->

Ananth Gouri

PCLinuxOS 2010

Hi All,

The OpenBox and the regular KDE version of PCLinuxOS 2010 is released.

Check it out ->

Ananth Gouri


Hi All,

Gnome 2.30 is out. Check out at

Ananth Gouri

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi All,

Now Oracle based MySql has a new product (as far as I know and remember) called MySql Cluster and latest version being 7.1

Check This

And the next good part being - the downloads are still free and under OpenSource.

Enjoy and download a copy of yours now ;)

Ananth Gouri

Epiphany and proxy

Hi All,

For the Epiphany browser to work under proxy - issue your proxy credentials in the Network Preferences.

Ananth Gouri

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey All,

The below link helps you to rebuild your own version of Debian or Ubuntu.

Try it out...


Ananth Gouri

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All codec support in ?bunutu 10.04

Hi All,

For the new 10.04 release of ?buntu(s) install these codecs to play what you want:

1. gstreamer all set plugins (bad, ugly)
2. libavcodec (unstripped versions)

Thats it :)
Ananth Gouri

?buntu synaptics v/s Debian synaptics

Hi All,

First of all Synaptics and Synaptic are 2 different applications.

Synaptic is the regular package manager in Debian.

Synaptics is the Touchpad application which makes use of your laptop touchpad.

The comparison now is the Debian synaptics' tapping does not work as in the recent ?buntu version :(

Hope you all understood what I meant.

Ananth Gouri

Monday, May 3, 2010

Complicated Architectures and Distributions

Hi All,

As you all had recently read - I had mentioned about the latest releases of ?buntu.

And yday I downloaded Kubuntu 9.04 for 64 bit and day before yday I had downloaded Ubuntu 32 bit.

And I already had Debian 32  bit on my Laptop.

Today it was good to install both architectures on the same laptop and it was wow to see the difference.

Now I feel when I paid Rs. 500 for 5 Debian DVDs - I could have gone with the 64 bit ones only.

Dumb me and GN all,
Ananth Gouri

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hey All,

This post is just about the releases.

Ubuntu 10.04 is out.
Kubuntu 10.04 is out.
Xubuntu 10.04 is out.
Lubuntu 10.04 is out.
Edubuntu 10.04 is out.

Ubuntu Studio 10.04 is out.
Yoper XFCE, KDE 3.x and KDE 4.x is out.


For rest of the things... DWatch

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

India Mirror

Hey All,

For the recent ?buntu releases - an Indian company called Honesty Net Solutions Pvt Ltd has provided a mirror.

I was extremely happy and keep up the great work guys...!!!

Ananth Gouri

Friday, April 30, 2010

Lazy bugger 2

Hey All,

This continues from Lazy Bugger1 post..

If you are so lazy to sit and read a text file or a book..

Issue this command:

espeak -f a.pdf

change the pdf to any extension or anything like doc etc.

Here above -f is for the file.

Ananth Gouri

X11 Screwed 2??

Hi All,

If  you folks search - there is already one post by the heading "X11 Screwed".

I am cont. from there but in a different process altogether.

Lets imagine you are trying to install Nvidia driver for your Debian.

Nvidia driver installation will be discussed in some other post.

So you install nvidia driver and it messes up X.

The process complicates from here.

You should either know how to uninstall nvidia drivers or to just allow them and modprobe the XF86 drivers.

Lets here discuss just about reinstalling XF86 drivers. And take the other one some time later.

Follow these steps:

1. lsmod | grep nvidia
This has to output some values.

If 1 above has no output - then it means to say that nvidia driver has not been installed properly.   

2. lsmod | grep nvidia \ | nv \ | vesa \ | vga

This 2 has to output some values.

If there are no values for this as well, then it is simple as the last post.

Next try to search for nvidia-glx or nv or nvidia in the /proc/modules file

cat /proc/modules | grep nvidia-glx \| nv \ | nvidia

If you get any of the 3 values here - it is as simple as a modprobe command.

Last Resort

Reinstall XF86 drivers. But before that try doing this:

dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg


If you get the X screen - then its yippeee... or last'est'

As said in the last post - if you have a fast internet connection, update your sources.list file to your nearest mirror and issue this:

apt-get update; apt-get install xserver-xorg

Let me know for any issues...

Mail me at

Take care,
Ananth Gouri


Hey All,

Fedora 13 code named "Goddard" will be out in 18 days CDT.

Wrt Fedora 13's schedule notes - find it here Goddard Schedule

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Lucid Lynx - Ubuntu 10.04 is OUT

Hey All,

Ubuntu 10.04 codenamed Lucid Lynx is out.

There are many ways of getting 10.04

1. Download it free [That is what I am doing right now]
2. Request a CD or multiple CDs
3. Order for a CD

Of these above 3 steps, if you chose step 1, make sure where your Internet Service Provider is:

Make use of this site:

From the GeoLocation Information - get the nearest country and its mirror for a faster download of the distro.

Mail me if you have any doubts.

Take care all,
Ananth Gouri


Hey All,

I had once got a Linux Distribution called Linspire.

Today thought of downloading the latest version of it.

But when I browsed - it showed me Xandros.

Xandros was OEM till its 3.0 version and made it 45 days free from 4.0.

Xandros has acquired Linspire for one of the features called CNR - Click N' Run.

Feeling bad but life moves on and on...

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

?bunutu CodeNames

Hi All,

This particular wiki page was very interesting to me.

Go hit it...

Cheers :)
Ananth Gouri

Thursday, April 29, 2010

25 Mb

This is FYI...

You can upload books or files or anything for that matter of fact - through your YAHOO email.

Yahoo has given the attachment limit to be 25Mb.


Take care,
Ananth GS

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi All,

For people like me who get confused wrt time zones - there is a good package in Debian distro called gworldclock.

The same would be available or could be installable in other distros through this LINK

I now don't face problems wrt timezones.

Take care,
Ananth GS


Hey All,

Of course I knew that this day would come for MS IE :)

Read this

May GOD bless MS to kick start greater browsers... :)

3 Cheers :)
Ananth GS

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2nd Session

Hey All,

Yesterday I got a chance to give a session on Linux at Mandya.

It was basically a session to compare MS products with Linux ones.

The session came out well and the best part was - a 1 hour session - got extended and the folks wanted an hour more.

All enjoyed my session.

Thanks to Ananth Ram :)

Take care all,
Ananth Gouri

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ananth was down

Hi All,

I could not write any post for long as I met with an accident on March 16th and still recovering from it....

The best part was - my right hand was bleeding like hell....

I was given first aid and the moment I reach my friend's place

- I open my laptop to see if Linux is still alive or not....!!!!

The moment I could see the login screen - It was like wow... Yippeeeee!!!

Now Linux is just not my passion - I am crazy for it as well..... ;)

This is FYI...

Enjoy and be safe....

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hi All,

The final version of Fedora 13 code-named Goddard will be released on 18-05-2010.

You may find more details here in this link
Goddard Release

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Friday, April 9, 2010


Hi All,

Make use of the Amarok's script manager to install this below linked script.

See the screenshot !!!

Ananth Gouri

Thursday, April 8, 2010

?nome 2.2?

Hi All,

The subject seems to be super... The best features wrt a phdd is these:

1. Unmount
2. Eject
3. Safely Remove Drive

and in 3 different ways....

Be practical to understand fellas !!!

Ananth Gouri


Hi All,

Synchronisation is such an important thing....

Ever thought of it??

Ok 1 more thing: The proper use and synchronisation of Network Time Servers.

You would see a defect wrt this daily - and every 10 minutes or so or even less or little or what ever low.... Or any word...

Got it as to when?

Let me know as to when you see this defect in your day 2 day life.

I can tell it just here - but I think people would make use of my things and idea to implement it asap. [If they are brainier enough :P]

Knowledge I learnt till now or in future will not be free. At least I want a barter system.

Thanks to Ashwin - one of my closest cousins :)

Barter system is such an important thing... Thanks bro and do take care...

With luv,
Ananth G S

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Frugal Ware 1.2

Buy this month's LFY...

They have shipped Frugal Ware 1.2

For people who have not much idea about LFY:

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi To all you Microbloggers including me...

Check this out -


Do more research on this before I can write a post on it...

But the moment I say Microblogger - you should be able to grab the "status" !!!!!!!

Ananth Gouri

Ad sense and Google Monetize


If you ever want your friend to make some money from his blog and his sponsored ads - I meant the Google Ad sense - make sure you click on his sponsored videos and sponsored links.

This applies the same in any website - a sponsored link is backgrounded in brown colour.

Thats how you can understand that you are making or helping make money!!!

You can do the same for me as well.... :)

- Ananth Gouri


The has got a new look and feel.

I meant this site:

When I was about to complete this post.. Do check this out as well...

2 sites:


Reject my above comments :P

Check it out :)
Ananth Gouri


Hi All,

This is an interesting ping pong game. Ping pong as in Table Tennis.

Use Synaptic, and before that make sure that you would have upgraded your repository.

Search for cmash and install it with its dependency of csmash-data.

The game on the screen would look as in the diagram:

The game is pretty interesting to play and as well difficult :)

Practice makes a *man perfect.

Ananth Gouri

Custom Nimblex

Hi All,

Linux and its distros are always customisable.... Thats why I just love them and cant be away from them any time......

Check this out:

Nimblex is a Linux Distro that is based on Slax as far I remember. Correct me if I am wrong.

The difference b/w susestudio and this is - the Virtual CD creation in this case is pretty fast and it took me less than 8 minutes for my 2Gigs Laptop.

There is one more interesting feature. Nimblex allows us to use our own custom sound - startup and endup sounds - and this is also kind of choosy.

I dont remember the song theme. I just love it. If I can extract it - I will post it soon here.

Ananth Gouri

Custom suse distro

Hi All,

Check this out :

You will also find out the step wise  instructions to have your own Custom suse. I did try when KDE 4.3 was just out.

The studio is fast till the creation design process. But gets slow later when the disc is actually virtualized.

Ananth Gouri

Lazy bugger???

Hi All,

You have to read for your exams - but you are very lazy as well... This is a very common and a natural thing that happens during our exams.

But Debian developers were as well lazy I suppose :P

Check this out... ESpeak

1. Use synaptic and install espeak.

Thats it..

From next time - input a file to espeak.

The command is as follows:

espeak a.txt

This above command would just make you hear the voice a.txt.

But therez lots more that you can do using espeak.

If you hate the male voice - get the text read using the female voice and many other things like that.

Man it men!!!!

Ananth Gouri


Hi All,

Though learning a new language is not so easy.. In most of the Linux Distributions - there are softwares written through the kdeedu package to make learning easy.

One such package that helps you to learn Latin is KLatin.

This package helps to learn vocabulary, grammar and many more. Check out the pic to get a better view.

Installation is pretty simple.

Search for KLatin in Synaptic and install it and start learning Latin language.

Thats it.

Ananth GS

Pirated Red Hat Linux

Hi All,

If you all ever wondered Linux and its distributions were free for ever and also with distributions like RHEL .. you are completely wrong.

While helping one of the persons recently on a RHEL issue - I came to know that - though they are the distributors of RHEL - they don't seem to use an original CD key.

The issue is same as MS XP or any other MS product.

Both RHEL and MS - they dont bother if you use a pirated or an original CD / DVD for installation. But the CD key you use has to be original only.

RHEL used to give a support of 5 years for using an original CD key and that too if asked for. Things could have changed now.

So beware you may be caught any time for using a pirated Linux Distribution (RHEL) as well !!

Here CD key is same as Serial Key.

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Code Name

Hi All,

GM :)

The code name for Ubuntu 10.04 is "Maverick Meerkat". As the version says 10.04 - MM will be released in April 2010.

Maverick also reminds me of Tom Cruise's name in the film Top Gun :)

Ananth S Gouri

Monday, April 5, 2010

passwd from mkpasswd

Hi this was one of the passwords that I got when I used mkpasswd... Check this out.... :


Interesting isn't it???

But remember that you need to make use of yppasswd or passwd to make use the output of mkpasswd....

Mast maaja maadi......

Ananth S Gouri

y YY p P

Hi All,

You may think as to what is y YY p P and all shit???? :P

Ok sorry.. !!

They are the vi editor commands to copy and paste.

1. A 'y' and 'YY' and 'p' and 'P' are one and the same.

To copy 1 line of a file in a vi editor

In the beginning of that line you can use 'y' or 'YY' and to paste it is 'p' or 'P' in the command mode.

Do read about the different modes of vi editor..

Please find that above link short and sweet... :)

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Learning to Monetize

Hi All,

I still need to learn a lot as to how to make money!!! I mean monetize using the Amazon :)

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bing and OO

Hi All,

This is utter shit!!!!

Read above link to know more...

Ananth Gouri

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I started to make some money from my blog - that goes towards charity!!!


Donate for a cause,
Ananth Gouri

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hi ,

mkpasswd is a software that can be used to generate random passwords.

Check it out and do 'man' it :)

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Revolution OS

Hi All,

What revolutionized Operating Systems???

Check out my Amazon Links for Revolution OS from the Amazon Associates Gadget...

Or just Google on it...

Ananth Gouri

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi All,

If you want to create a digital library - try using this GreenStone project.

I will post more on this asap.

Ananth Gouri

Monday, March 15, 2010

1st year Bday :)

So its been an year today for my blog... :)

I dont seem to be excited - dont know why... :(

But I will make sure that I keep this blog going on and on.... :D

Keep reading - spread your knowledge and of course good thoughts .... :)

Ananth Gouri

Sunday, March 14, 2010



If you folks ever felt a fast way of ripping a Video DVD... Here you go.. Follow below steps:

1. Update - your synaptic to handle the Sid / Debian Multimedia repos [Christian Marillat's multimedia repository]

2. Check if you have got k3b installed and if yes next see step 3

3. Install transcode

The installation part is done and from here its pretty simple..

Open k3b and in the Menu - you can find - a link - "Further Actions" - Click on it and you can find "Rip Video DVD"

You may also be asked to install libdvdcss - 1 or 2 and you may want to install it too...

Note: Use of libdvdcss - tells that you are going to decrypt an encrypted Video DVD - and this process - is not allowed in many countries including US.. 

You are doing this at your own stake and my blog is not responsible for the same..... !!!

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hi All,

I have already written about NTFS mount articles in my earlier posts and also about NTFS 3g.

Try to search my blog and you will find the content.


Many a times - though you may be able to mount a NTFS partition - just not by using NTFS 3g or libntfs libraries - you may find one feature missing....

You cannot write into your partitions .... and it is all time in ro mode [read only]

I faced the same problem and I could finally fix it using - a package called - "ntfs-config"

This is a package to "Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices"  - as is from synaptic help menu...

Hope this post helps people who face the same problem.... :)

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Google Ad...

Hi All,

Many in the Internet community have their blogs, websites and create multiple replica of them [at least the blogs] - have shit content in them and many more...

One of the biggest reasons for this kind of - I can say "spam blogs" or what ever hi-fi tech term - you may want to call it..  is .. for Google Ads..

For those who don't know what is a Google Ad - which internal includes AdWords and AdSense.. Try to Google this - "Google Ad"

I can say it in a line brief - "Your blog or your website gets some % of income
when a user hits an Ad relevant to your website's page content / context"

For my blog - I never thought of having the Ad feature - cos I was not behind money but behind spreading the little knowledge and thought I had or still have...

But now after seeing this Blog's success rate - I see somewhere the urge of having the Ad feature enabled...

If I can write this way - I can make some money - which I will in turn donate it to charity.... :)

Let me know your thoughts / opinion / suggestion / feedback / criticism on these - to my email id -

Take care all,
Ananth Gouri


Hi All,

I am extremely happy to see my blog cross 7k hits in less than an year's time... :)

3 cheers to all of my readers and I hope to continue blogging and to write a lot on my Linux / Java tweaks...

Tc All,
Ananth Gouri

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Non-Ethical hacking

Hey All,

This is something that happened to me... Any how - I don't want to reveal all the personal details here..

But I can of course say - the hack I used to hack the hacker.... !!!!!

Right let me just get in.....

A user login password - in Linux - is stored in /etc/shadow file..

I have never tried to open that file myself till now - and lets see if I can achieve it in future and I will write it here then.....

Text or technically plain text - as in a .properties file, a .log file - are the simplest to hack - and any kinds of command can be issued on them - for a view ....

I said - to view - cos in distributed UNIX and Linux environments - you can never dream of a hack - if you !know the password....

But simple cat, grep, ls, more, less commands do work on individual files.....

So beware of storing a password on a text file or a properties file...

If you really have to - as in my case's application settings -

This below simple command has to get that hacker the shit out of him...

chmod 700 a.txt

Thats it and nothing great...

I was ashamed - when I struggled over an year - when I was daily hacked - and me working on Linux for the past so many years - could not remember this command.....

But now - I am on Cloud 9... The hacker will have to have tougher hacks to hack me....

I know who all read my blog - one simple PS - root cant hack this... :)

I am tracking...!!!

Cheers :)
Ananth Gouri 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Youtube Hack

Hi All,

If you all loved watching videos on youtube... In future - you can download them as well in a pretty copy paste manner..

I and many others know that there are many websites and softwares - for this work of downloading videos from youtube....

But Linux simplifies all of them and here you go...

Play any video of your liking on youtube... Once its downloaded - just - ..

1. cd to /tmp/
2. Copy the file - you can see a flv file - icon to your fav destination folder...

Thats it.... !!!!

Ananth Gouri

AMR to MP3 Script

Hi All,

This is in continuation to the last post..

Linux is always a joy to work on and its not so easy and its not like the "next next next ..." of MS...


Please visit that above link - cos I can write at least 20k posts just on this crazy software....

So using ffmpeg software converting a .amr file to .mp3 is straight forward - but for many pre configurations for the codec.. [I will write about the configuration some time later...]

Issue this command -

ffmpeg -i a.amr a.mp3

Thats it... There are many options that you may like to include...

'man' the package or see documentation online... :)

Cheers and Take care,
Ananth Gouri

AMR Player for Windows

Hi All,

If you folks are crazy to record voices in your Mobiles [any of your hi-fi Sony, Nokia etc].. then you may want to listen to it as well - many a times...

Ok let me start...

Any recorded voice in those mobiles are saved in .amr format - which has the expansion - adaptive multi rate - audio codec

If you are a Windows fan - listening to an .amr file is pretty much simple....

Go to and download the free version software and open the file in it and listen to it...

I think it has many other features as well which I don't remember... 

Ananth Gouri 

Monday, March 8, 2010

7000 and March 15th

Hi All,

I am happy to write this post...

Last year i.e March 15th, 2009 I started this blog.

I wanted to document what all I do / did with my Linux distros - and my experiments that kept running and working one after another.. and slowly my projects as well...

[Well I have plans to have a Linux Distribution under my wife's name.... But I don't even have a GF as of now...!!!!  Have been working on this already... (on my Linux Distro :P)

But ya that will be one of my dreams come true [+ve attitude]  cos I know of course I will have one distro before I die.....]

I now think of the story behind 'Debian' name and of course now Knopper's project Adriane... [Google out please..]

My blog may cross 7k hits sooner... Its as of now above 6950+ :) I had never expected in my life about crossing 7k in a year... I did reach 3k in the first 4 months or so... But I had little time and I did not manage time well... Even now I want to boss over time.. which I know I cant... :(

Ok so this year 15th I will write say 2 posts whatever my blog readers and like-r-s want me to...

So do mail me at and I will be writing 2 articles that I will think as the best among the list....

Cheers :)
Ananth Gouri


Hi All,

I have been using Linux from the year 2003... Oh yeah when I was in my 2nd year degree... But I actually did realize the importance of learning Linux after my degree days and when I had enough time to before my Masters.... 2005 mid year I think...when I started liking working on it as well...

But why I did state the history of my Linux career is - due to this reason....

I started my Linux stuff with FC - 1 a.k.a Fedora Core 1...

That time most Linux distros had no proper multimedia support and I had hard times learning to get any codec working...

 But thats how I learnt.. You learn something the harder way and you will not forget it for life.... :)

Gstreamer  project was started in 1999 by  Erik Walthinsen []

I did not see its prominence when I started my Linux stuff - but now I cant really stay without it...

The project has grown beyond expectations... :)

Learn more here - at -

I will explain the plugin sets - and its configurations for specific codecs - sometime later... :)

GM :)
Ananth Gouri

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hi All,

If you have a lot of Audio CDs - a Audio CD is one - with one single track or max around 15 songs...

and in .wma format.. wma is the Windows Media Audio Format - created by MS for encrypting an audio file and to stop piracy... but .wma format was hacked faster than the crap MS folks took time for creating it.....

Its not like a MP3 CD which consists of 150+ songs minimum....

Ok here I go.. What is ripperx software??

It can rip an audio cd to mp3 format or to which ever format you want to... :)

Use synaptic and install it ...

To rip an audio cd to mp3 - you need to have mp3 libraries installed...

I would suggest to go with libmp3lame or lame..

Use of MP3 may be restricted in your country. My blog is not responsible for you breaking the rules and laws...!!!  

Thats it.. Scan the CD, edit your configurations and then Click Go - which converts the audio cd to mp3 format in your specified folder...


Cheers :)
Ananth Gouri

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Folder size through command line

Hi All,

Today I and my manager Venkat - learnt this together.

Thanks Venkat..

This is the command you need to issue to find out the - size of a Linux folder recursively.

du -hs folder_path

Here 'du' stands for 'disk usage' and replace your folder path with the folder size you may want to check.

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Positive Futurist


You may track this site more often..

Thanks linux-mag for letting us know this beautiful site.

And here is more to read about the GNU / Linux Distro timeline - thro's website.

See below link

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

GNU/Linux Distro timeline

Hi All,

You guys are going to like this picture like heaven.. !!!

At least I did...


Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hi All,

Warning: I or my blog or Linux or Debian is not responsible for anything that may occur when U use this blog post

For folks who dont know about fdisk -

So - this post is to explain how to use fdisk while installing FreeBSD.

Installing FreeBSD is not so easy as Linux.

Cos the commands are completely different, the mount options are different, you wont get the sound driver working by default and many many things like that. [Referring to my experience when I installed FreeBSD 6.1]

Before we can get into these complications -

We have a bigger complication.. when we install the OS, before that - in the partition creation stage.. FreeBSD uses fdisk as its default partition editing / manipulating tool.

If you have a MS OS and installing on this the UNIX complicates even more...

Be very careful when you come to the stage of partition.. If you folks observe - the fdisk of FreeBSD is highly tricky....

It shows your file partitions in the size - of type - "bytes"

The risk is - choosing a partition for FreeBSD installation - in this mode.. Not many of us understand a file partition of 20Gb - when it is expressed in bytes..

Solution to this - Press Z - which toggles the mode - and you may understand the file partitions better - it has options to show in kb, Mb as well as in Gb.

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

8 O Clock Comedy :D :) !!!!!!! Lol

Hi All,

Here you go... Check this below link...

U never know in future - MS will say don't use keyboard, next don't use mouse, next don't use..what not!!!

Holy Shit!!!!

But I like it!!! :)

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

LFS 6.6 Out

Hi All,

If you all really want to learn how Linux works.. I mean to say to the core... Like device drivers, installing a sound driver, installing X11, configuring each one of them... and all things...

This is the book -

What this book does is - it tells you step by step - like

1. What all packages (source) are required to - say install a particular - say application.
2. The path to all these source files for download.
3. Procedure of installing these source files
4. Pre, the stage and post configurations in the end..

An ultimate way of learning Linux...

But I would suggest - for people who have no practical experience on Linux at all...

There is one more Pre LFS called BLFS (Before Linux From Scratch). Read this first and then proceed to LFS..

PS1: This is extreme geeky way - cos anything you do - that you are not supposed to do - you are going to mess up like hell. And if you are a novice - you are never gonna come back to the original state.
PS2: This book and the projects[LFS and BLFS] are all free - so feel free to download and distribute. :) FOSS / OSS and Linux Rocks!!!

Good morning all,
Ananth Gouri

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Recursive Copying...

Hi All,

I assume that many of us know how to do recursive copying using cp command in Linux..

This post is for people who may not know it... :)

Please use this command -

cp -r Bigfolder/ placeToCopy/

Replace the names above according to situations.. :)

-r is the option - that does recursive copying :)

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

Monday, March 1, 2010

X11 Screwed???

Hi All,

Warning: You may attempt this - at your own risk. I and my blog nor Debian and Linux are responsible for anything that may go wrong. 

Ok fine.. You mess up with your X and it shows you the end of UI...!!!

And this is Debian 5 - where you plan to restore it back.. [in the end issue startx or just X (uppercase)]

Here are some of the steps:

1. You got to have a proper broadband connection. And hopefully unlimited download :)
2. You need to have at least the first CD / first DVD / Some experience of working on Debian

Lets begin...from 2

You got a proper clean CD - 1 of the 32 CD collection of Debian 5 !!! - then put that CD into your ROM and then restart your machine - by changing the Boot options to - Run Bootable disks.. [Boot from CDROM option]

You will see the UI - and then see the GRUB well - You would find - Advanced - Go to it and then any of the Safe Mode options.

Next is the complication.. You need to know your kernel installation along with your '/' partition...

If you know it - mount it to a shell or to the root shell..

Enter your http_proxy variable value if you are under proxy .. if not - issue this command

[See some of the Fb (framebuffer load options - I wrote in Feb month posts)]

The command is

apt-get install xserver-xorg

If this fails.. You have complications growing..

I would simply for a layman - would provide a solution this way -

apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist upgrade

But never forget to issue apt-get update before issuing either of the 2 trial and error commands mentioned above...

I pretty well know - when apt-get install xserver-xorg would not restore X - the first command after that - apt-get upgrade - will of course !work...

Also hope you have the repos - updated for apt-get dist upgrade and I would sincerely suggest you folks to be with Lenny stable

But I appreciate if you folks have the courage to go with Squeeze - but still remain with 6.0 stable and not Sid... !! Your system will die or else... [If you only don't know how to restore it back...!!!]

Hope you all know to fix the dependencies you would face..

For the repo command -

Enter this line in the /etc/apt/sources.list file [before an apt-get update] as root....

If you face any apt issues - like unknown host.. You may have to issue proxy options to this file - /etc/apt/apt.conf [I will write this next time]

deb lenny main contrib non-free

[without underline :P]

Single syntax error with this above line including a space - would give Synaptic Parse errors..

So be careful !!!

Follow these same steps for DVD.

I will cont. from here next time - and do remind me if I forget the same!!!

Take care,
Ananth Gouri