Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Debian Electronics - 3

Hi All,

Post #3....

Fresh with qucs - I wanted to do some more research and also was tweaking Debian sites for something specific that I needed.

Enter software: electric

1. Update your synaptic such that it handles sid too.
2. Search for "Electric" a package around 11Mb.

This seems to be a small software with big sets of features.

Visit this site:

Thanks to Sun Microsystems and to Static free software for such a beautiful software.

Guys and Gals - why do you folks want to use proprietary Operating systems? And as if not to justify your first mistake - do you need a proprietary software too?????

Think twice.

Discuss these things with your colleges and universities, get more information about the softwares through debian forums, ircs and in fact through debian developers themselves and please incorporate free and open source.

Let your mind and heart free with freedom through open source. May god bless you.

Finally Happy Circuit Creation.

Ananth Gouri

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