Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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For folks who dont know about fdisk -

So - this post is to explain how to use fdisk while installing FreeBSD.

Installing FreeBSD is not so easy as Linux.

Cos the commands are completely different, the mount options are different, you wont get the sound driver working by default and many many things like that. [Referring to my experience when I installed FreeBSD 6.1]

Before we can get into these complications -

We have a bigger complication.. when we install the OS, before that - in the partition creation stage.. FreeBSD uses fdisk as its default partition editing / manipulating tool.

If you have a MS OS and installing on this the UNIX complicates even more...

Be very careful when you come to the stage of partition.. If you folks observe - the fdisk of FreeBSD is highly tricky....

It shows your file partitions in the size - of type - "bytes"

The risk is - choosing a partition for FreeBSD installation - in this mode.. Not many of us understand a file partition of 20Gb - when it is expressed in bytes..

Solution to this - Press Z - which toggles the mode - and you may understand the file partitions better - it has options to show in kb, Mb as well as in Gb.

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