Saturday, September 18, 2010

Installing GRUB 1.0 and 2.0

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This post explains how to install GRUB 2.0.

Whenever you do a new installation of XP or Win 2000 or now-a-day's hyped Windows 7, your GRUB will be lost.

GRUB stands for Grand Unified Boot Loader.

The installation part of GRUB 1.0 v/s GRUB 2.0 is something different.

So lets go with both the installations. I have already posted the installation procedure for GRUB 1.0 which is actually GRUB 0.98.

I. For GRUB 0.98

1. Find the partition where you have your Linux ext3 (/ partition) installed.
2. If you have a separate /boot, /home, /var and /root/ partitions then the installation procedure for both changes.
3. Now assuming that you have only one single ext3 partition which is /root - we shall proceed from there on:

Step 1: mkdir a
Step 2: sudo mount /dev/sda? a
[Above ? will be the drive partition where you have /root installed]
Step 3: sudo chroot a
Step 4: /usr/sbin/grub-install /dev/sda

That should load the Grub 0.98

Installing GRUB 2.0 (which is 1.98)

Step 1: sudo mount /dev/sd2 /mnt
Step 2: sudo mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev

Step 3: sudo mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc
Step 4: sudo mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys
Step 5: sudo chroot /mnt
Step 6: nano -w /etc/default/grub
[Ctrl + X]
Step 6: update-grub
Step 7: grub-install /dev/sda

I will be posting more on GRUB 2.0 and its features pretty soon.

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Ananth S Gouri

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