Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LFS 6.6 Out

Hi All,

If you all really want to learn how Linux works.. I mean to say to the core... Like device drivers, installing a sound driver, installing X11, configuring each one of them... and all things...

This is the book -

What this book does is - it tells you step by step - like

1. What all packages (source) are required to - say install a particular - say application.
2. The path to all these source files for download.
3. Procedure of installing these source files
4. Pre, the stage and post configurations in the end..

An ultimate way of learning Linux...

But I would suggest - for people who have no practical experience on Linux at all...

There is one more Pre LFS called BLFS (Before Linux From Scratch). Read this first and then proceed to LFS..

PS1: This is extreme geeky way - cos anything you do - that you are not supposed to do - you are going to mess up like hell. And if you are a novice - you are never gonna come back to the original state.
PS2: This book and the projects[LFS and BLFS] are all free - so feel free to download and distribute. :) FOSS / OSS and Linux Rocks!!!

Good morning all,
Ananth Gouri

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