Monday, August 30, 2010

Oracle 10g

Hey All,

This post explains how to install Oracle 10g onto your systems.

Note: I will be explaining the installation procedure for Oracle XE aka, Oracle Express Ed is the student edition which is free for personal use and not for business use.

Follow these steps:

2. Go to that above site and accept the license.
3. Search for "Oracle Database 10g Express Edition" and click on the link below with this text : Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for Linux x86  
4. If your distro is a Red hat based - like - Fedora, RHEL, Red Hat 9, openSUSE, Mandriva - then download the .rpm file. 
5. If your distro is a Debian based - like - Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Sidux etc - then download the .deb file.
6. For installation its simple:
a. for the rpm file: rpm -i filename.rpm
b. for the deb file: dpkg -i filename.deb
7. Make sure that you resolve the dependencies if any.

Post install configuration:

1. Go to /etc/init.d
2. As root - issue this command: ./oracle-xe configure
3. Mention the port number then
4. The listener port number and other details.

Add your a/c to the dba group.

Thats it. You may now check your database page by hitting your browser to:

This above 8090 is the port number you enter in the 3rd post install step.

3 Cheers :)
Hope you all understood the installation procedure.

Mail me at for any further queries.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

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