Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hi All,

Synchronisation is such an important thing....

Ever thought of it??

Ok 1 more thing: The proper use and synchronisation of Network Time Servers.

You would see a defect wrt this daily - and every 10 minutes or so or even less or little or what ever low.... Or any word...

Got it as to when?

Let me know as to when you see this defect in your day 2 day life.

I can tell it just here - but I think people would make use of my things and idea to implement it asap. [If they are brainier enough :P]

Knowledge I learnt till now or in future will not be free. At least I want a barter system.

Thanks to Ashwin - one of my closest cousins :)

Barter system is such an important thing... Thanks bro and do take care...

With luv,
Ananth G S

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