Monday, March 8, 2010

7000 and March 15th

Hi All,

I am happy to write this post...

Last year i.e March 15th, 2009 I started this blog.

I wanted to document what all I do / did with my Linux distros - and my experiments that kept running and working one after another.. and slowly my projects as well...

[Well I have plans to have a Linux Distribution under my wife's name.... But I don't even have a GF as of now...!!!!  Have been working on this already... (on my Linux Distro :P)

But ya that will be one of my dreams come true [+ve attitude]  cos I know of course I will have one distro before I die.....]

I now think of the story behind 'Debian' name and of course now Knopper's project Adriane... [Google out please..]

My blog may cross 7k hits sooner... Its as of now above 6950+ :) I had never expected in my life about crossing 7k in a year... I did reach 3k in the first 4 months or so... But I had little time and I did not manage time well... Even now I want to boss over time.. which I know I cant... :(

Ok so this year 15th I will write say 2 posts whatever my blog readers and like-r-s want me to...

So do mail me at and I will be writing 2 articles that I will think as the best among the list....

Cheers :)
Ananth Gouri

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