Thursday, June 24, 2010

.msf to .pst

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This post explains how to convert a Thunderbird mail folder extension to a MS Outlook extension.

.msf / .mbox is the file format created for separate folders in Thunderbird. Separate folders as in separate local folders.

There is a free software for Windows called ImapSize.

You can download it here: ImapSize

Convert each .msf / .mbox file using this software. A .eml file is created for every folder.

MS Outlook has the capacity to read .eml files.

After installating Outlook - create a folder and drag and drop the .eml files thro the Explorer window onto the OE window.

If you have Outlook Express installed - then you have an option of exporting .eml files.

Practically using this method helps to understand this post better.

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Ananth S Gouri

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