Monday, March 8, 2010


Hi All,

I have been using Linux from the year 2003... Oh yeah when I was in my 2nd year degree... But I actually did realize the importance of learning Linux after my degree days and when I had enough time to before my Masters.... 2005 mid year I think...when I started liking working on it as well...

But why I did state the history of my Linux career is - due to this reason....

I started my Linux stuff with FC - 1 a.k.a Fedora Core 1...

That time most Linux distros had no proper multimedia support and I had hard times learning to get any codec working...

 But thats how I learnt.. You learn something the harder way and you will not forget it for life.... :)

Gstreamer  project was started in 1999 by  Erik Walthinsen []

I did not see its prominence when I started my Linux stuff - but now I cant really stay without it...

The project has grown beyond expectations... :)

Learn more here - at -

I will explain the plugin sets - and its configurations for specific codecs - sometime later... :)

GM :)
Ananth Gouri

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