Thursday, September 2, 2010

WPA2 encryption setup with Belkin router

Hi All,

I purchased a Belkin N Series router today which has a 1000ft range!!! I needed to configure wi-fi for linux with WPA2 encryption method. 

I could do it pretty easily. This is the way I did.

1. For a complete encryption set-up using Linux - we need something called wpasupplicant.
2. I did not have enough time to do it in this manner.

Right... Here I go...

Do this from your Windows Machine.

1. Put your Belkin cd into the CD tray and wait for the setup to start.
2. If you are not done with the physical hardware setup of the router - then do it first before you proceed from here.
3. Once done.. Click on the security setup and for the 4th or the 5th step out of 7 - you will be asked to select the type of encryption. Select WPA2.
4. Next - after selecting WPA2 - it asks you for a passkey - which is the password to connect to the systems connected through the router.
5. The router takes the passkey and then it restarts itself.

Thats it....

So now if you try to connect to any Linux distros - you would get the availability of this Belkin wi-fi network.You need to enter the passkey to connect to the same then.

Next I will try to configure the full setup using WPAsupplicant. I will post more after that.

Take care,
Ananth S Gouri

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