Monday, June 15, 2009

Wifi on Lenny

Hi All,

This post tells you how to configure your wifi connection on Debian Lenny. [This post is more related to configuring it to a "iwl3945" Intel wifi card]

1. Issue this command - "lspci | grep Network"
You will find some output like this if you have a wifi option in your desktop or laptop ---
0c:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)
2. The above output shows that you have an Intel Pro 3945 wifi card.
3. Note that every user may find something different. You may have to refer to your own card specific details for configuring it. But this setup works for most cards.
4. You need to add the contrib and non-free from the previous stable Debian,i.e Etch,to your sources.list file.
5. Install the following packages from your Synaptic - "iwl3945" (for your kernel specific), "firmware-iwlfi" and finally a Wifi Manager called "WiCd". Note that this will uninstall your "Gnome Network Manager", a.k.a, nm-applet. But dont worry - since WiCd is much better in some aspects. [Has no Gnome Dependencies since it does not use GTK, runs on any Desktop and et al.]
6. Issue the following command as root - "iwlist scan", check if your card is detected and scanned for packet requests[N/W ping]. It should show as "Scan Complete" and with some packets details.
7. Note that if you are away from a WiFi hotspot, then you may get something as "No Scan Results"
8. Finally the ending steps after install are, to run WiCd from your Applications - Network and check if any Wifi networks are enabled/detected.
9. Check sure if you have your device that is stated in step 6 - the same as the one that you would get in "WiCd". [Usually the device is wlan0, ath0 or eth1. Your wired n/w would be eth0.]
10. If you have any Encryptions, then you may have to authenticate properly. [Will discuss the same as a post sometime from now on.]

Thats it, click on the Connect button and if you have got everything working fine, you are lucky to run your first WiFi-ied page.

All the best.

I am always open for questions and doubts - with regard to this post. You can mail me anytime for help.

[I will be also posting on OpenSSL-ed configurations using Xsupplicant. Keep waiting and happy reading.]

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

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