Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Leonidas on Vbox

Hi All,

As I removed the widget that ran the JS for Leonidas countdown, I thought why not add a small post.

I could not download the Fedora 11 DVD. Folks it is 3.8 Gb. I am waiting for my copy from Fedora. So mean time, I downloaded the Live CDs of 11.

By Vbox - I meant Virtual Box. By default, Lenny comes with an older version of vbox, i.e 1.6. Use the backports of Debian or download virtualbox from the sun site.

Note that you may need some guest and ose modules before installing vbox successfully. For installing ose and guest modules, keep note of the Kernel versions - use 'uname -a'

Create a new VDI and try out the live cds. If you may want to proceed further - use the Install to Hard Drive Option.

The Live KDE cd comes with KDE4.

Hey folks if you may want to install KDE4 to your lenny, try the kde4 backports.

I will be posting more details on running XP in Virtual box, configuring KDE4 on Lenny and many more. Keep waiting and happy reading and blogging.

I have added an attachment - screen shot. [ No mood to write more. Sorry :( ]

Enjoy maadi.

Ananth Gouri

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