Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free as in ...Tennis

Hi All,

I know what you folks were thinking when you saw the title. Of course, I can understand your problem. But I wanted to discuss not about "FreeBeer" but about "FreeTennis"!!!

Ok after seeing Fedex win the French Open, even I started playing tennis. Dont worry, I wont be a competitor to Fedex, but of course to Nadal....

Configuring FreeTennis in Lenny:

1. Install freetennis from your package manager - synaptic.
2. The executable file will be in /usr/games/
3. cd to the above path...
4. Execute this command:

./freetennis -surf grass -computerskill 250 -newbie

Here the options to freetennis are, surf - surface with grass clay cement

computerskill with the best level 0 and the weakest 250. Default is 190

Select newbie.

5. Press F to grab a full screen.
6. There are many other options too. Type 'man freetennis'

The whole game is played using your mouse. So hope you have a good mouse to play.

"Play Options"

Left click - fast serve / first serve
Right click - slow serve / second serve

Move your mouse to place the ball to suit your shot.

Pressing left click - is like a smash.
Pressing right click - is like lobbying the ball.

Thats it.....

Enjoy your game.......

Take care,
Ananth Gouri

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