Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Linux and the Wife

Hi All,

Ok..ok..dont be perplexed by looking at the title of the post. Though it may not sound so good as "Alladin and the Genie" or as "The Tom and Jerry", there is definitely something that I want to discuss.

My all time favorites, Debian Lenny.... Ok the name - Debian evolves from 2 people. One - "Ian Murdock", the founder of Debian GNU/Linux and his wife "Debra". So the Java String concatenation is "Deb"ra + "Ian"Murdock = Debian

Ok there is another favorite of mine- the Knoppix. Ok this guy - Klaus Knopper though had many projects under his wife's name, recently when he released Knoppix 6.0, he gave the release as - Knoppix 6.0 / Adrianne 1.1.

Hope by now you guessed what is Knopper's wife called.... :)

Ok to end the post, dont worry...I wont create any Linux Distro. [Lol...what is my wife's name? Or rather what will be my wife's name?????]

To end, what if the Tennis "GOAT" [Greatest Of All Times] Roger Federer, decides to create a Linux under Mirka's name????

This is called "Height of irrelevance"!!!

Good Night,
Ananth Gouri

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