Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Hi All,

Ever guessed what is a su-doer??? Ok he is the root of *x Operating Systems. Actually he is not a full root(He does not have all the permissions of a root(Administrator in Windows), but has some - depending upon the permissions given by root himself.)

And for many of you - who guessed how come there is no root in Ubuntu...By no root, I mean to say that a normal user - if he gives his password - he acts as the root of the OS (in Ubuntu only)....., then this post is for you folks.

Ok as usual let me teach you geeks as to how to do things - the Lenny way...

1. Find out if you have this file - 'sudoers' in this path - '/etc/' [ls /etc/sudoers]
2. If you dont have it - then you need to install a package through your Synaptic called 'sudo'.
3. Perform Step 1 again after this.
4. Open your terminal or konsole and type this command - 'visudo' as root
5. You will get a new window - which is a GNU Nano editor
6. Add this below line in the "User privilege specification" section
"your_name(it is the a/c name)" ALL = rmdir \/usr/games [Without quotes]
7. For example if your normal user name is geekyCheek, then it becomes "geekyCheek ALL = \/usr/games" [Without quotes]
8. The above steps 6 and 7 - if they are typed in your editor and saved using Ctrl + X, then you can run the command rmdir and also you have control as a root to the games installation directory.

Finally if you never want to do anything under the root - but you want the permissions to do all kinds of work, then add this line.

[I dont guarantee any one for any loss of data or mishaps that may occur due to this command]
"geekyCheek ALL=(ALL) ALL" [Without quotes]

Type 'sudoers example' in Google search to get more results and information.

But be careful,
Ananth Gouri

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