Friday, June 12, 2009

Racing with Vdrift

Hi All,

Probably nobody can counter-argue for the statement - "EA Sports' Racing Games are the best". Though Need for Speed games are playable in Linux under wine, cedega or playonlinux, there are some smaller versions of racing games dedicated and open sourced and mainly free in Linux.

To name - there are - TORCS, SuperTuxKart,ManiaDrive, and many more.

Vdrift in another game that is good in graphics, uses openGL and adds to list of GPL free games.

Configuring Vdrift in Debian Lenny(This works for any Debian based Linux):

1. Hit your browser to -
2. Download the *ubuntu deb files from vdrift-2006-02-21
3. Your system will ask you for a library package - libopenal0.
4. Download libopenal0 from
5. First install using dpkg -i "libopenal0" and then vdrift file which is around 42Mb.
6. Finally race down the lanes using the command /usr/games/vdrift

Happy racing.........

Ananth Gouri

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