Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Comments on "...simple linux"

Hi All,

If you all have observed, I have 2 contributors to my site other than myself. One is Ravi Shankar, my good school classmate and the other Chetan Jayanna, a Tech Lead in my company and also a very good mentor and friend.

Though Chetan has never written any thing else than his application's code, Ravi finds some time now and then from his busy EEE work.

For Ravi, who as I remember was a fan of Suse Linux then in his college days, always used to complain that Linux is complex, tough this that and et al.

Now these days, I doubt if he still has Linux installed in his system, but always keeps some time in praising the things that I do on Linux. Though never flattery by any means, and true to his heart, he always kept saying many things now and then and I would keep him updated on the latest stuff on Linux OSS.

Finally thanks to you - Ravi for posting something that you felt and I can see the sense and the meaning of the words that you blogged.

The things that I like in Ravi are - he is a pakka environmentalist, no plastic user, no CFC user [He uses powder to his body ;-)], a very good artist, a nature lover, a very good photographer and finally very professional by all means. Keep going Ravi.

Thanks once again,
Ananth Gouri

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