Sunday, February 21, 2010

Squeeze ...

Hi All,

I don't know how many of you folks know the different distributions of Debian. I did not mean the different Linux distributions.. But I meant the distribution word as implied for a synaptic package manager.

If you folks work a lot on packages, managing them and all - then this would be a spontaneous answer...

Ok let me explain..

At least I hope that all of you folks know that the 'stable' distribution of Debian as of now is called Lenny - which is - Debian 5.0

The next version / release - Debian 6 is called Squeeze - which is 'supposed/said' to be released by mid US summer 2010. This is called the 'testing' distribution - as you get it in the name - its being tested now.

The next distribution of Debian is called 'Sid' - as in unstable.

So for Etch - that is Debian 4 - that time -
Debian 4 Etch was 'stable'
Debian 5 Lenny would have been 'now'/'testing'
Debian 6 Squeeze would be called 'Sid'/'unstable'

But now since Debian 5 is 'stable'
Debian 6 is 'now'/'testing'
Debian 7 is 'Sid'/'unstable' [or whatever the Debian folks may like to call]

This blog post was for you folks to just to get a brief idea about the distribution types you would import into your synaptic.

I will write more into this - and you may get a better, clearer picture then. :)

Mail me for anything more / imp.

Good Morning,
Ananth Gouri

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