Saturday, February 27, 2010

dhclient dhclient3

Hi All,

Ever faced this [What?? Impatient?? - see scenario]?? I will write a detail post - to this peculiar problem and this solution

But at least before that post - this post is interesting..

First of all - consider this scenario...

1. You are on a Unix/Linux machine with no UI at all.
2. You are working on something that is connected to Internet. But all of a sudden - that work is held and you cant connect to the net again.
3. Next U see - that Modem is connected and its just a problem with your DHCP and may be that - your modem has a DHCP lookup issue. [Google more on DHCP LookUp]

So next - what is the solution to this??? If it is a problem with your DSP - then fine..[Call him and get it fixed] But if your machine failed for a modem lookup dhcp - then what next???

If you are luckily the owner of the box or hopefully if you have root privileges - then just issue this command - dhclient or dhclient3

If you can get a successful DHCP lookup - then you have fixed the issue :)

Cheers :)

Ananth Gouri

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