Sunday, February 21, 2010

Legacy GRUB

Hi All,

Ok first of all - what is GRUB???

GRUB - stands for Grand Unified Boot Loader...

Read here for more info about GRUB, its features and many more..

Ok I assume that you folks read the above link and got a lot more info from those pages and then now get some / very little info from this post...

Legacy Grub -

Oh.. So what is legacy GRUB??? Grub till now and even now - to many of the Linux Distributions - all of them still make use of the stable 0.97 version - and this version 0.97 is called Legacy GRUB.

So then there has to be something new as well right??? Yeah!!.. 2.0 is the new version - and with many extra features than 0.97 and many less features of 0.97 as well.

I will write more.. Keep reading!!! :)

Ananth Gouri

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