Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Show Desktop


Not just people who use it, or people who write software(s) or people who create hardware - everybody seems to be addicted to MS Gates :P

But thank God I amn't !!!!

I am always pissed off to see MS symbols and kinda... And the worst - when I don't have Gates on Laptops and Desktop .. I don't want the Grill key[win key] on the keyboard too.... :(

But that key has many features - of which the key pressed with 'D' - gets you to your desktop - minimizing the rest of the open Windows....

But I don't want to get the same feature in my Gnome 2.28 and that too using the same key...

You can reconfigure the preferences - such as to use - the key selection of your choice...

But I know that !many know - what is the default as of the present 2.28 or prior...

Try this out.. Alt + Ctrl + D and you should be seeing your desktop by now !!!

Cheers :)
Ananth Gouri

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