Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hi All,

GM... This post is like a continuation from the last post..

Last post - we discussed - how to do a DHCP lookup when - our modems fail for it..

So next today - consider this scenario:

1. You are using a Unix/Linux box - with again no UI at all and no fancy [UI] browsers of course.. [ No UI and Nothing :( ?? Ha?? ]
2. You are a crazy cricket fan - and you need to see whats the score b/w Australia and South Africa of a crucial match.

Normally people would log out of that non UI mode and then use a UI based OS  or just use MS OSes.

But I have a better [yet geeky] solution !!!

1. Install lynx using your package manager(s).
2. Next use this command to know more !!! man lynx | more

Thats it... !!!

Thinking weird??

Ok fine..

Use this for your first attempt of using lynx..


from your gnome-terminal / konsole

If you have a proper Internet working - then next all its just Q&A..

It will ask you to accept some cookies - and say Y

I thought of posting some pics - but I would not..

Try it out yourselves and enjoy!!!

There are a whole lot of info in lynx's manual pages... You will get stuck and lost both... Beware!!!

For  people who may want to use lynx - thro a proxy server - then enable the environment or the session variable - http_proxy

Cheers and take care,
Ananth Gouri

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