Friday, December 14, 2012

Command Line Steganography in LINUX

Hi All,

So what is steganography?? I would not want to waste time in explaining all you want about this but yet give high regards to :P [google it out]

So what could be the command to hide data using Linux command line??

Trying to send data - a gif image in an encrypted form? Finding it difficult to find free steganography tools based out on *nix? Dont worry...

This very simple command should do it all...


We shall assume that we have created a dummy zip file through which we send across data (here the image)

The command is:

cat >> rogue.gif

The data image is embedded in this format...

Plz note:

1. Normal decompress softwares like winzip, 7 zip et al may not open the file at all.
2. pkzip check once to see if you can retrieve the image.
3. use winrar based softwares in Windows or use unrar (non-free versions) in LINUX.

Thats it... Enjoy :)

Happy data hiding,
Ananth S Gouri

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