Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Convert your MTS to a WiFi Hotspot

Dear All,

This post explains how to convert your MTS internet dongle connection to a WiFi hotspot to use at home.


1. MTS uses the same concept used in GSM technology. Your internet speed would be pretty slow if you are using MTS at weak signal points. Use open space for better signal reception.

2. This post does not require any MS Virtual WiFi driver.

3. This WiFi hotspot could be used for your Android phones for all normal internet functionality.

4. This WiFi hotspot does not require any physical router. :)

5. Download a software called mhotspot from download.com


1. Connect your MTS and make sure that it is working fine.

2. Next install the software mhotspot. Select the drop down from the software to select MTS Mblaze Internet connection. Also give a name for your hotspot and a proper password.

3. Click on "Start Hotspot" button on mhotspot.

4. Next go to settings of your Android phone, go to wireless and networks, Tethering and portable hotspots.

5. Check the checkbox Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

6. If the mhotspot software is been configured properly, then you should find the name given in step 2 now on your android phone.

At this stage your can connect to your hotspot but you would not get any internet working. You would have limited connectivity.

Note: You could connect any number of clients to your WiFi hotspot by increasing the Max clients value.

Next open your Network settings in XP or Win 7, right click on your MTS connection, go to properties and then click on sharing tab.

There select - allow this internet connection for sharing (ICS) with your new hotspot connection.

You should now be able to browse in your android phones.

Thanks and hope this article helped you all,
Ananth Gouri


  1. i don't have wireless router, wireless network adapter etc. on my desktop. will it work?

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