Sunday, August 26, 2012

PDF Merge and Split packages in Debian Squeeze


Don' t feel like logging into XP or 7 only for the need of using a pirated software called Adobe Professional Reader to merge / split pdf files???

Just chill and use these 2 packages on your Debian based systems...

1. pdfsam

PDF split and merge - a easy to use UI with needs no special computer skills but normal usage of a good working mouse :P ;)

2. pdfshuffler

PDF-Shuffler is a simple pyGTK utility which lets you merge, split and rearrange PDF documents. You can also rotate and crop individual pages of a pdf document.

Use synaptic package manager and search for these to install or use the command line apt-get commands.

Try out these 2 packages and let me know if you found better ones for Debian :)


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