Friday, August 24, 2012

Android: Opening a GIF file based PPT


Thanks to a small problem faced by one of my friends.. All she wanted to do was check out if a GIF based presentation opens on an Android based smartphone....

After enough research on this topic - I could finally still save the image of Linux and Android to her :P ;)

The steps are as follows:-

1. Go to Google Store and install the app called Mobile Document Viewer written by Joerg Jahnke

[ First try out the free app and then purchase the ad free full version based on your needs... ]

2. Also make sure that the presentation file is created using OOI or Libre Office or at least converted to .odp file format after creation in MS Office 07 or higher versions :)

Note: Power Point of MS is called Open Office Impress in the OO suite or Impress in Libre Office suite

Hope this helps :)


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