Thursday, August 23, 2012

A download scheduler for torrents in Debian


Many of us who use XP or MS 7 prominently always see that it has many features which other OSes dont!!!

For most of us download freaks - if you used a DM like IDM or many other free managers - one common functionality all of them have - is a scheduler.

A scheduler has the following functionalities -

1. A scheduler can start a download at one particular time and then stop seeding (if its a torrent download)

2. It can download your data and then shut down your machine

3. It can download only upto some % of data and lot more

So does Debian have a torrent downloader which is also a scheduler

Yes is has..

Install Vuze also called Azureus (

After installing Vuze - you will have to install a plugin called - Speed Scheduler

Download the jar file from or you can install it directly from Vuze
If you have downloaded the jar file then - open Installation manager in vuze - select offline download and then browse for the downloaded file and let vuze finish its job :)

Hope this helps you all :)


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