Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Virtual Box PUEL 3.10

Hi All,

My assembler Ananth Ram wanted me to explain as to how to install Virtual Box from a very long time. I had not got enough time for it.

Here you go Ananth Ram:

This installation is for the PUEL edition of Virtual Box and not for the OSE Ed.

1. Open
2. Go the Linux Hosts link and then to i386 or depending upon the architecture.
3. Download the deb file around 43MB for the i386.
4. As root - issue dpkg command.

Thats it!!!! Enjoy .... :)

Caution: If you have a mix of OSE and PUEL eds, then the Virtual Box does not work - though it installs fine. So don't mix and you can't mix both editions too.

Warning: Please remove all of the Ubuntu repositories from your synpatic or sources.list before installing the VirtualBox in Debian Lenny. Keep Ubuntu repos - for specific things like while installing Pidgin sipe as explained in one of my older posts.

Thanks and Take care... Time to get ready to go to office....:)

Have a great day all,
Ananth Gouri

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