Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Chrome for Linux

Hi All,

Finally the [hype-d] Google Chrome is now available for download to most Linux distros too.

Here below is the link for download:
Linux Google Chrome Download

Select your proper distro and along with it your bit architecture too...

For a 32 bit Debian based OS - download the 32 bit deb pkg. It is a 12MB deb file.

Installing Chrome on Lenny 32 Bit:

1. After download - just issue dpkg -i filename.deb
2. Replace above filename with the downloaded file's name.

Thats it.

Go to your start menu and then to Internet to find Chrome Installed.

It is working fine for me finally this time... Cheers :)

Google Rocks :)

Finally Ananth waits for a fully featured Gtalk for Linux. Never mind - I work each and every and in fact better features with Pidgin - but still sometimes feel that I don't get that originality... Don't know why....

Thanks Google folks :)

Thanks All,
Ananth Gouri


  1. Thank you for letting us know...

  2. Hey thanks Shubhro.. Lets see when most of the Google softwares are in Linux too.. Or else one final day it is like MS - where the MS folks are now porting code into the Linux Kernel... Lolzzz...