Monday, December 7, 2009


Hi All,

Doing somethings UI... Lets go to the console version in the next post....

Ok what is that thing??? What if you want to compress a MP3 file of 10Mb into 4Mb for a small flash drived MP3 player???

Here you go the UI way....

1. Open Synaptic and install a packaged called SoundConverter.
2. Next you have to install 2 gstreamer0.10 plugins - called the bad and the ugly set.
3. Then open the App from Sound & Video and thats it.
4. Input the file and set your settings - I would prefer the Constant Rate - with a Low bitrate to achieve the above one.

Hope you achieve some of the things using this app.

Interesting 1: This same above 4 steps UI based can be achieved using a simple but complicated options and vast tools called ffmpeg. My next post will be on ffmpeg.

Note1: Using MP3 - in some countries like USA - is prohibited. The same follows for other plugin types like libdvdcss and others.

Fatal1: This blog is not responsible for some legal issue like this above.

Thanks & Regards,
Ananth Gouri

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