Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Linux day at MIT.....

Hi All,

Mysore has a recently opened enggineering college called "Maharaja Institute of Technology". I was invited to give a full day session on Linux in this college for their first batch of passing-out students - the last Saturday 18th July, 09.

All the folks were 5th semester students and I had to handle around 60 students * 2 sessions. I meant I had to give 2 sessions with 60 students in each.

The main thing that I covered on that day was on "Linux Kernel Compilation". I dont know like how many of them understood what I taught them....But it was a fun session for me and I enjoyed every bit of it.

It was rewarding at the end of session 2 - with the President of the college dropping down to meet me and he asked me to support him for some Linux Migrations at the college. It may take some time for them to migrate to Linux but it was a great feeling altogether.

This was the start - I felt... and who knows where this would take me finally to. I cant reveal more but try to get the implicit meaning of it!!!!

Ananth Gouri

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