Monday, July 13, 2009

Adaptive Multi-Rate, aka AMR

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Coming to the point, this post explains as to how to deal with .amr files in Linux.

AMR is the acronym for Adaptive Multi Rate. Please read the wikipedia for more info.

The best way to make people familarise with this format is - if you record any sound or any voice in your Sony Ericsson or in your Nokia phones - it is saved as a .amr file.

But what if you may want to play that file in your computer?

Linux way:

1. Install ffmpeg with libopencore-amrnb support.
2. After install, convert the amr file to mp3 and listen in any player that plays mp3.

AMR to MP3 Conversion command:

ffmpeg -i filename.amr -ar 22050 filemp3.mp3

The Windows way:

1. Download either of these freewares from a. or b.
2. Install the downloaded files and convert the files to mp3 and enjoy.

Hope you folks enjoyed this post.

Ananth Gouri

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