Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ananth says sorry

Hi All,

Sorry for not posting a blog post till July 7th (IST).

These days I am getting busier and busier. I am leading a project for my entire business unit - which is also equivalent of leading it to the Sabre worldwide. So you may understand how busy and hectic I am these days.

Also I wont write during the weekends as I travel to my hometown and I dont want to write anything there or do anything - except to talk with my parents all time.

But all these do not mean that I will stop blogging or anything like that. Keep reading and I will write whenever time permits me to write.

The Asia's first Linux Magazine - Linux For you Editor, Mr. Rahul Chopra too requested me to write for his newly created site and also for the magazine. Even to him and to all those other folks who want me to help them on Linux Stuff - I have told them all that I can work only in my free time and not anytime else.

I also plan to create a new site all together - by paying for a domain and et al. If you folks have any ideas or thoughts - let me know.

Also I plan to start a forum for this blog in particular. If anyone knows as to how to integrate a forum to a blogger - do let me know.

Thanks in advance to those folks.

You can write to me at ananth.gouri@gmail.com.

I will help you folks to as much as possible.

Thanks once again for visiting this blog and keeping it alive till now.

Take care and good night,
Ananth Gouri

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