Sunday, May 17, 2009

simple linux

...well I am dreaming of those days when linux becomes simple.

By and far linux is amazing ...well you have so many flavors so many tools , softwares, applications, developing tools..

I did install linux in my system after some trial and errors and when I had to run a simple mp3 player it took almost 2 days initially.

Then I even tried shell scripting. I enjoyed programming. More then all it gives a pride that I am using linux. I feel I am part of global community with open thinking. The meaning of the sentence has grown beyond open thinking.

After having grown so big... things have become rigid. Just like the big elephant , linux has grown big . Big complex and mammoth. At the end of the day what really matters is how simple are things to simple people. I am a simple kind. What you work should aim to make things simple.
Be it operating system usage , installation of linux , installing softwares or application on linux...everything has grown complex. If I say this to any Linux geek he will hit me back ...and would say what stupid are you talking about.

Just imagine if you want to take linux to common people ...very common people ...or why not to the doors of common people.
I have tried to understand how other x windows OS operation or how they market. After few years they release new framework and make existing obsolete, making people to buy new one.
Open source is open ...its grows to common human understanding ...not into profitability of greedy mind.

I have always thought of Linux and open source into larger applications.. what I work on Grid of electrical power system. All systems working on open source ... like the open mind...simulating the power system what could happen to the power system next moment. Predicting the black minds in the proprietary softwares. All companies exist for business.

When you have business company run . If the company runs you have the revenue. If you have the revenue , you have the tax. If you have the tax you have the country.

Open source means no business , which means no country ?... well its a weird question isn't it?

...well no !
How about E-governance in open source. I have dreams of my country with open source E-governance. Imagine country working on open source at grass roots level.

I am not talking about open source development. I am talking about open source usage at the grass root level of the society.
Imagine people using Linux instead of pirated Windows
Imagine people using openoffice instead of pirated windows office.
Imagine people using gimp instead of pirated mspaint.
....things goes on ...
Linux is growing like the mindset of open mind. Open mind bring open application
and open applications gives birth to linux.
But how are they all user friendly ....?

Answer is simple ...they are not.

Why not make applications simple. One flavour of application simple for simple people like me. The other flavour of application complex for complex people.

Why not work on applications that are simple to simple people ...then they would appreciate the complexity of it...

Why not make things simple , for simple people make life simple....

simple linux for simple people ....

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